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Patek Philippe 10-day Tourbillon 5101p

No other watch brand compares in prestige to the storied Patek Philippe, and the limited production 10-DAY-GOING TOURBILLON REF. 5101p is a shinning example of their pursuit of excellence. Maybe be less than 150

World’s ‘most complicated’ Patek Philippe gold watch sells for record $24.4 million

  (CNN) — The most “complicated” handmade watch in the world has been sold at auction for an historic $24.4 million. The Henry Graves Supercomplication timepiece, made by the luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe in

Patek Philippe Celestial 5102 Grand Complication. Best Patek Philippe Watch In The World!

Throughout the history of mankind, we have looked to the sky to measure the passage of time. Patek Philippe’s Grand Complication Celestial watch, effectively pays homage to these roots of time-keeping with a watch

Buying Vintage or pre-owned watches are better for investment purposes than buying new.

  In order to show a return on your investment when buying watches, you either buy vintage, or you buy incredibly rare and special pieces. Purchasing a vintage timepiece that was previously owned or