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Will Patek Philippe Watches Still Be Relevant in 2017 and Beyond?

With the advent of smartwatches and wearable technology, it raises the question if luxury watches are still relevant today. Particularly, the ultra high-end and expensive ones like Patek Philippe. Regarded as the finest watch

First Time Watch Buying Tips- Let Your Watch Do The Talking

Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s watch and noticed the way it makes you feel? That feeling you get when you catch a glimpse of your boss’ shiny new Rolex during a Monday

China Reinvents Precision | Out-Of-This-World, Super-Cool Technology

Have you ever wondered what is the most accurate timepiece in the world? Some people think it’s in Geneva, home of Swiss engineering precision. Some people think NASA created one for their elaborate interplanetary

How To Change The Look Of Your Watch With OEM Bands and Generic Watch Straps

Anyone that has spent some time collecting and enjoying watches knows the disappointing feeling of slowing denying certain pieces from their wrist time. It’s most likely unintentional, but a lot of it has to do

Unbreakable Love: Why The Cartier Love Collection Is The Perfect Gift For Couples

To quote Kanye West, hip-hop mogul and recent newlywed, “keep your love locked down.” While he’s certainly no Shakespeare, those inspiring words perfectly embody the allure of the widely popular Cartier Love Bracelets. These

Fine Watches, Low Prices: The Global Economy’s Affect on The Luxury Watch Market

Have you ever wondered what the effect of the sluggish economy in Europe is having on the luxury watch market on a global scale? When you combine the struggling economies of Europe and China, as

Rolex And The Spirit Of Racing – The Daytona

Rolex Daytona Watch There are few things that can get a watch lover going the way a Rolex Daytona watch can. This year saw what was undoubtedly the most anticipated Rolex release in the

Staff Favorites: The David Yurman Meteorite Collection

As the Director of Photography at Gray & Sons, and a connoisseur of the finer things in life, I have had the opportunity to enjoy many remarkable fine jewelry pieces that have crossed my

Rolex GMT Master 16710: The Last Classic Model Of Its Kind

At Gray & Sons, we’re all about bringing some serious watches to the table. It’s just what we do. Recently, we received a watch in our stock that might be one of the most