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December Birthstone Jewelry: Turquoise and Tanzanite

This is it folks, the last month of the year! If you (or a loved one) are celebrating a birthday this month, then some December birthstone jewelry is in order. Lucky for you, you

November Birthstone Jewelry: Topaz & Citrine

Welcome to a new month! It’s hard to believe but the end of the year is just around the corner. But before we get there, let’s celebrate those born in November. Just like October,

Designer Jewelry: A Pair of Horsebit Gucci Diamond Rings Not to Miss

A statement-making ring is a must-have for any jewelry box. Whether worn during the day or at night, tt’s a great way to add some fire to a look. And Gucci, the famous Italian

October Birthstone Jewelry: Tourmaline & Opal

For those of you born in October, you do not just have one birthstone, but two–tourmaline and opal. What’s more, since tourmaline and opal gemstones are available in a range of colors, there are

September Birthstone Sapphire Jewelry

As we welcome a new month, there’s also a new birthstone to celebrate! For those born in September, the beautiful sapphire is their birthstone. While blue is the color most associated with sapphires, this glorious

Jewelry Trend: The Brooch is Back

According to leading fashion magazines, one jewelry trend that kept popping up on the catwalks at the various fashion weeks this year was an unexpected one–the brooch. From Alexander McQueen to Chanel to Louis

August Birthstone Peridot Jewelry

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in August! A new month, of course, means a new birthstone to celebrate. Those who are born in August claim the peridot precious stone as their birthstone. Unlike other

Jewelry Trends: The Stylish Return of the Charm Bracelet

  According to the New York Times, Vogue, and Elle, the charm bracelet is making a big comeback. And given today’s fashion focus on personalization customization, we’re not surprised. After all, a charm bracelet

July Birthstone Ruby Jewelry

It’s a new month! Which for us means a new birthstone to celebrate. Those born in July are lucky enough to have the glorious ruby as their birthstone. Cherished for its rich pink to

Exploring the Famed Bulgari B.zero1 Ring

Italian jewelry brand, Bulgari, is known the world over for their exquisite jewels and celebrity clientele. However, along with their incredible high jewelry pieces, Bulgari also creates fantastic fine jewelry that can be enjoyed