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August Birthstone Peridot Jewelry

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in August! A new month, of course, means a new birthstone to celebrate. Those who are born in August claim the peridot precious stone as their birthstone. Unlike other

Jewelry Trends: The Stylish Return of the Charm Bracelet

  According to the New York Times, Vogue, and Elle, the charm bracelet is making a big comeback. And given today’s fashion focus on personalization customization, we’re not surprised. After all, a charm bracelet

July Birthstone Ruby Jewelry

It’s a new month! Which for us means a new birthstone to celebrate. Those born in July are lucky enough to have the glorious ruby as their birthstone. Cherished for its rich pink to

Exploring the Famed Bulgari B.zero1 Ring

Italian jewelry brand, Bulgari, is known the world over for their exquisite jewels and celebrity clientele. However, along with their incredible high jewelry pieces, Bulgari also creates fantastic fine jewelry that can be enjoyed

Beautiful Diamond Bridal Jewelry for the Bride’s Big Day

While the wedding dress is the focus of the bride’s look on her wedding day, her jewelry is the icing on the cake! From earrings to necklaces to bracelets, what a bride chooses to wear

Get the Look: Best Jewelry at the Met Gala 2018

The first Monday in May is the day reserved for the fashion industry’s most glamorous party. Headed by Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, the annual Met Gala takes place every year to raise money for the

May Birthstone Emerald Jewelry

Welcome to a new month! It’s May, which means that the birthstone of the month is the glorious emerald. Instantly recognizable thanks to its rich green color, emeralds have been a cherished gemstone in jewelry-making for

The Most Enduring Celebrity Couple: Rolex Watch and Cartier Love Bracelet

While celebrity couples are not known for their longevity, there is one match that has passed the test of time—pairing a Rolex watch with a Cartier Love bracelet! We see this beautiful pair together

April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

Those lucky enough to be born in April have the magnificent diamond as their birthstone! Most of us don’t need any excuses to wear diamonds–we’re happy to do it–but April babies should most definitely

Classic Luxury: Diamond and Pearl Jewelry

When deciding on a piece of fine jewelry, it doesn’t get more classic than pairing pearls with diamonds. One from the depths of the oceans and the other from the center of the earth,