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Hot on the heels of the 2014 British Open win, PGA star and Omega brand ambassador, Rory McIlroy, joined his partner brand in Dubai at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic course to film a

James Cameron Gets A Special Rolex Deepsea Watch Made In Honor Of Him And His New Film

They say important people wear Rolex watches, but how important do you need to be in order to get a special Rolex watch made in your honor? That is something that doesn’t happen very often, and

10 Reasons to Buy A Pre-Owned Watch

From California to New York, secondhand shops are thriving better than ever. And is it really a wonder? In this shifting economy, shoppers are looking for value and  finding it in specialized “secondhand” stores. And,

Quartz, Manual or Automatic? Choosing the Right Watch Movement for You


Perhaps smartwatches are just what the luxury watch industry needed.

We’ve been monitoring the speedy development in the smartwatch market for months now. It’s intriguing to us because we haven’t seen the world this abuzz about watches in a long while, yet it is

Showdown Between Luxury Jewelry Maker Tiffany & Co and Warehouse Giant Costco

World renowned jewelry company Tiffany & Co filed suit against Costco in February of this year alleging a number of violations including trademark infringement, counterfeiting and false advertising. Despite the gloves, this battle royal

Luxury Lifeline – Breitling Emergency and LEO Wristwratch

While technology is barreling forward at lightspeed, it is refreshing to see tried and true companies more focused on improving the basics. Several luxury watchmakers have created safety watches built with life-saving capabilities, complete

Pocket Watches Back En Vogue

(From the left:  Panerai; Vacheron Constantin; Parmigiani) In an age where the time has never been more accessible—whether through your smart phone, tablet, laptop or other portable electronic device– old fashioned style is permeating the

Smartwatch— The next logical step in communications technology?

For centuries, watches have enabled people to know the time and–in some small way–to control their own destiny. But of course, the times, they are a-changin’. In the past decade alone the smartphone has

Swiss Watchmakers Enter A New Market: Luxury Smartphones.

Hoisting themselves on their reputable brands, their excellent craftmanship, and their deep penetration into the luxury goods market, Swiss watchmakers are breaking into the tech industry and they’re starting with the most important accessory: