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Always make sure you are getting the most money for your watch or jewelry. Besides contacting and getting quotes from 2 or 3 different jewelers, following the below “5 Point Guide” will help you get the most $ for your valuables.  

  • 1 – Avoid dealing with wholesalers A wholesaler needs to sell their items to other resellers and distributors before getting the item to a customer which means they will pay less for your timepiece or jewelry. Cutting out the middleman means more money for you.
  • 2 – Sell to a company with jewelers and watchmakers on staff This will not only guarantee you are getting an accurate appraisal for your timepiece or jewelry but the buyer will also spend less money if they need to repair or do any cosmetic enhancements before selling your item, making sure the most money goes into your pocket and not into getting the product ready to sell.
  •  3 – Get money now or more money later Some people need money immediately, others are willing to wait if that means they will get more money for their jewelry or timepiece. Consignment can get you more money if you have the time and don’t need the money right away. Dealing with a trustworthy and reputable company that offers you a BUY NOW and a CONSIGNMENT option will increase your chances of getting the most for your precious item.
  •  4 – Don’t be limited to your zip code When you get offers from companies that are located not only around your neighborhood but also from reputable companies from all over the nation, you are certain to get the best deal. Many companies offer a secure and quick mail-in option so that your item can be appraised correctly. Make sure to deal only with accredited and reputable companies that have a physical location and can be easily reached by phone.
  •  5 – Only deal with accredited companies Make sure the company you want to sell your jewelry or watch to is accredited and is a specialist in the trade. Dealing with a company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and that have GIA certified professionals (GIA is the industry standard for Diamond certification) will give you peace of mind whether you are going in person or mailing your item in. You can also check review websites online to find out about other people’s experiences with a particular jeweler. Only accredited companies with experienced staff are recommended when dealing with your estate or inherited jewelry, gold, platinum and colored stones. When selling diamonds, only a GIA certified professional will be able to correctly evaluate and certify your item.

Selling your watch and jewelry can be an overwhelming experience and you may find yourself in the midst of dozens of offers and different jewelers, most that you have never heard of, trying to find out how much your item is worth and to get a fair price for it. When in doubt, select an accredited jeweler with specialists on site like Gray and Sons for example. They welcome you to call or visit them in person and they will assist you with any questions you might have and can guide you to the process. Their motto is “Get educated, visit 2 other jewelers, and see us last”.

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