Quality Versus Value– Why Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Watches is Better

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article titled “Quality Versus Value”, which discusses consumer’s perceptions on pricing and how it affects inherent value. What the researchers discovered is that most consumers believe higher

Smartwatch— The next logical step in communications technology?

For centuries, watches have enabled people to know the time and–in some small way–to control their own destiny. But of course, the times, they are a-changin’. In the past decade alone the smartphone has

The Omega Planet Ocean: An Incredible Watch, a Worthwhile Cause, and a Riveting Story

The luxury watch brand, Omega, has consistently demonstrated its appreciation for the sea through its high-quality diving watches.  Omega even invented the first diving watch back in 1932.  With this history in mind, the

Swiss Watchmakers Enter A New Market: Luxury Smartphones.

Hoisting themselves on their reputable brands, their excellent craftmanship, and their deep penetration into the luxury goods market, Swiss watchmakers are breaking into the tech industry and they’re starting with the most important accessory:

Certified Chronometer– Does it matter?

Sometimes we get beautiful watches in our showroom (well, we always get beautiful watches in our showroom), but sometimes we see the words “COSC Certified” written on the dial of the chronometers of said beautiful watches.

Limited Edition–Extremely Rare–Graham Chronofighter Pearl Harbor Watch Review

Today we present a Graham Chronofighter Pearl Harbor by Graham Watches. The London-based company only made 100 pieces for this World War II inspired edition of their widely popular chronofighter collection, making this model incredibly

Watch Repair– Repairing With The Manufacture VS Independent Repair Shops

Many people come into our store looking to repair watches after receiving less than stellar news from the manufacture. The truth is that when you repair your Swiss watch directly with the manufacture, whether

Meet The Youngest Master Watch Repair Apprentice

At 10 years old, he may be the youngest master watch repair apprentice today. When Rolando moved from Spain to Miami with his grandmother, his adoptive grandfather Cesar Yabor took him under his wing to

The New And Improved Gray & Sons Blog

Gray & Sons is proud to announce a new blog to be integrated with our website. We have been Watch & Jewelry Experts in the business for over thirty years and we are excited

Our Tribute To Panerai

As a pre-owned luxury jeweler we get a lot of gorgeous inventory cycling through our showroom. We’ve seen thousands of Rolexes, Patek Philippes, Vacheron Constantines, and Audemars Piguets throughout our time in the watch