Rolex Band Repair and Rebuild

Rolex Band Repair and Rebuild – You Won’t Need A Replacement Band Once You See This! Is your Rolex bracelet stretched out, worn down, and otherwise not in tip-top shape? Don’t buy a replacement

Prices soaring on luxury goods – new vs. pre-owned

We all know that luxury-goods and brands come with a higher price tag, it’s to be expected. Over the last several years luxury-retail companies have been relying on a strategy of increasing prices on

A Father’s watch

I’ve always had a fascination with Rolex wristwatches, every since my father purchased a stainless steel Submariner back in the late 1980’s. I remember going to the mall on weekends with him to make

Preservation for the Next Generation: Making Your Watch Last. (Or: The Secrets of Patek Philippe Maintenance)

The Secrets of Patek Philippe Watch Repair and Maintenance Every year The New York Times puts out a magazine dedicated to luxury watches –  if you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out.

10 Reasons to Buy A Pre-Owned Watch

From California to New York, secondhand shops are thriving better than ever. And is it really a wonder? In this shifting economy, shoppers are looking for value and  finding it in specialized “secondhand” stores. And,

What Is a Chronograph?

Have you ever wondered what is a chronograph? Or how it works? Well, chronographs are generally more expensive and have multiple sub-dials.  And, in fact, many luxury timepieces are called chronographs. For example, the above

INSIDE THE WATCH: See Rolex, Patek, Omega, & Cartier Watch Repair like you’ve never seen them before!

Gray & Sons is proud to present our new watch repair video series. Come into our repair shop and watch us work on Patek Philippes, Rolexes, Omegas, and Cartiers (just for starters)! Next month

Quartz, Manual or Automatic? Choosing the Right Watch Movement for You


Perhaps smartwatches are just what the luxury watch industry needed.

We’ve been monitoring the speedy development in the smartwatch market for months now. It’s intriguing to us because we haven’t seen the world this abuzz about watches in a long while, yet it is

The Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Wrist Size When Buying a Watch

When investing in a luxury watch, you not only want it to be the perfect fit for you, but you want it to fit perfectly as well!  Last week in The Perfect Fit: How