Best of SIHH 2019: Our Favorite New Watch Releases

By all accounts, the 29th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, better known as SIHH, was a success. With 35 of the world’s leading luxury watch brands unveiling their novelties for the year in Geneva,

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Designer Heart Pendants That Celebrate Love

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, jewelry is almost always the best option. But given the vast assortment of jewelry available, sometimes picking the right piece is a challenge.  Fear

Hands On With The Patek Philippe Grand Complication 5159R

The Patek Philippe Grand Complication 5159R takes two longstanding traditions of the brand–the officer’s watch case and complicated watchmaking–and brings them together in one stunning timepiece. Let’s go hands-on with the Patek Philippe 5159R. What is

What’s the Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute?

For luxury watch enthusiasts, the Breitling Navitimer hardly needs an introduction. With its slide rule created to calculate complex navigational computations, the “Navi” is an iconic watch that Breitling released in 1954 specifically for

January Birthstone Garnet Jewelry

New year, new month, new birthstone to celebrate! Lucky for those who call the first month of the year their own, the birthstone for January is garnet. Let’s find out more about this beautiful stone

Spotlight on the Pink Gold Cartier Ronde Solo Watch

Although Cartier is known for making shaped watches (watches that are not round) such as the rectangular Tank, the square Santos, and the tonneau Roadster, the Maison does, in fact, make beautiful round watches.

What is the Rolex Zephyr?

If you’ve been browsing vintage Rolex watches and have come across the term Rolex Zephyr and aren’t sure what that is, read on to find out more. Brief History of the Rolex Zephyr The

The Best Luxury Watch & Designer Bracelet Pairings to Wear Right Now

While a luxury watch can look fabulous sitting solo on a wrist, adding a designer bracelet to the mix just takes it to another level. Inspired by an article we did a while back about celebrities

How to Spot A Fake Rolex – A Comprehensive Guide

They may say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but fake jewelry and timepieces are more criminal than complimentary. High-end luxury brands are often the first target for counterfeiters, who take advantage

What is the Most Expensive Rolex Watch Ever

The Most Expensive Rolex Watches Ever Sold Watch collecting has been growing with increasing popularity, and with good reason. First, watches marry fashion with function. They exhibit your personality to the world and can