What Is a Chronograph?

Have you ever wondered what is a chronograph? Or how it works? Well, chronographs are generally more expensive and have multiple sub-dials.  And, in fact, many luxury timepieces are called chronographs. For example, the above

INSIDE THE WATCH: See Rolex, Patek, Omega, & Cartier Watch Repair like you’ve never seen them before!

Gray & Sons is proud to present our new watch repair video series. Come into our repair shop and watch us work on Patek Philippes, Rolexes, Omegas, and Cartiers (just for starters)! Next month

Quartz, Manual or Automatic? Choosing the Right Watch Movement for You


Perhaps smartwatches are just what the luxury watch industry needed.

We’ve been monitoring the speedy development in the smartwatch market for months now. It’s intriguing to us because we haven’t seen the world this abuzz about watches in a long while, yet it is

The Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Wrist Size When Buying a Watch

When investing in a luxury watch, you not only want it to be the perfect fit for you, but you want it to fit perfectly as well!  Last week in The Perfect Fit: How

The Perfect Fit: How to Measure Your Ring Size Before Ordering

Buying a ring online can be a tricky endeavor- especially if you don’t know your ring size! In many cases, you see the ring of your dreams; you order it and wait in anticipation

Chopard Watch Repair at Gray & Sons – Photo Essay

Gray & Sons Jewelers is known around the world for factory-quality watch repairs at fair prices and quick turnaround time. This year we completed an Audemars Watch Repair on a Royal Oak Tourbillon. Compared to

Showdown Between Luxury Jewelry Maker Tiffany & Co and Warehouse Giant Costco

World renowned jewelry company Tiffany & Co filed suit against Costco in February of this year alleging a number of violations including trademark infringement, counterfeiting and false advertising. Despite the gloves, this battle royal

Luxury Lifeline – Breitling Emergency and LEO Wristwratch

While technology is barreling forward at lightspeed, it is refreshing to see tried and true companies more focused on improving the basics. Several luxury watchmakers have created safety watches built with life-saving capabilities, complete

Pocket Watches Back En Vogue

(From the left:  Panerai; Vacheron Constantin; Parmigiani) In an age where the time has never been more accessible—whether through your smart phone, tablet, laptop or other portable electronic device– old fashioned style is permeating the