7 Facts About Diamonds Plantation Residents Should Know

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The birthstone of those born in April, the diamond is a favorite gemstone of women the world over, no matter what month they were born.  Believe it or not, there are more to Plantation diamonds than you probably realize. As a matter of fact, here are seven facts about America’s favorite gemstone.

Fact #1 – Diamonds Existed in Ancient Times

In ancient times, it was believed in Greece that diamonds were the splinters of fallen stars on earths. These were thought to promote courage, invincibility and strength. Others thought them to be the tears of gods. In Rome, diamonds were worn as talismans as they were believed to ward off evil. In France, there was a 13th century law decreeing that diamonds could only be worn by the King of France.

Fact #2 – Diamond Impurities Cause Colors 

Diamonds come in shades of black, green, yellow, orange, red and blue. Believe it or not, white is just one color that diamonds come in. The rarest colors are pink, green and blue diamonds. Among gemstones, however, these are not the rarest. As a matter of fact the rarest gemstone is a pure red ruby.

Fact #3 – There is a Diamond Planet

In 2004, a planet composed mainly of carbon and is a third made of pure diamond has been discovered. Found orbiting in the Milky Way around a star, the planet is named 55 Cancri-e. Essentially, what scientists have found is that the star is a diamond that is 10 billion trillion trillion carats. The star is also referred to as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, named after the song by the Beatles.

Fact #4 – Sources of Diamonds Vary

The locations where diamonds can be found varied through the centuries. The original source of diamonds starting the 1400s was India. Indian diamonds were sold in European trade centers such as Venice. Three centuries later, there was a decline in the diamond supply of India and the major source became Brazil until the 1800s. These days, in many different parts of the world, diamonds are mined including Russia, Namibia, Botswana and Canada.

Fact #5 – The Largest Diamonds in the World are in England 

Found in 1905 in South Africa, the largest diamond in the world is called the Cullinan. Its original weight was 3,106.75 uncut carats. Later it weighed 530.2 carats after being cut into the Great Star of Africa.  Its other pieces became 104 diamonds of flawless clarity and color as well as the Lesser Star of Africa which weight 317.40 carats. At the moment, this diamond has become part of the crown jewels of England.

Also found in South Africa, the Excelsior is the next largest diamond, which is a third of the size of the Cullinan.  Another diamond called Unnamed Brown was unearthed in 1986 and is the largest polished diamond that has been documented. Unnamed Brown weighed 545 carats and was cut down from a rough diamond of 700 carats. Also part of the British Crown Jewels is the Centenary Diamond. This is an impressive diamond that took three years to cut. It is the largest flawless diamond in the world and weighs 273.85 carats.

Fact #6 – Diamonds Are the Hardest Substance on Earth

On the Mohs scale, the diamond’s hardness measures ten, which means that on earth, it is the hardest natural substance. As a matter of fact, these gem stones are so hard that to cut a tool the only tool that can be used needs to be made from another diamond.  Within the crust of the earth, diamonds have been formed over a period of billions of years. It is in volcanic rock called Kimberlite that many diamonds are found. Volcanoes push them to the earth’s surface. At times, rivers carry diamonds that have been pushed to the surface into the sea, so you can find them in these places as well.

Fact #7 – The USA is the Largest Diamond Consumer

The largest market for diamonds is in the US. America purchases more than half of the total quality diamonds of the world even if it produces less than 1% of the total gemstone production in the world.

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