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Is this the era where fashion rules become obsolete? Do you cringe when you see a woman wearing white pants after labor day? Personally, I don’t. Some rules were meant to be broken! As with mixing gold and silver jewelry. It’s a bold move I appreciate. My grandmother, however, would still maybe feel a bit uncomfortable and softly ask, “Does she not know any better?”

Mixing two-tone jewelry
Mixing two-tone jewelry

In many ways, the rules of fashion have become nonexistent among the young and beautiful anyway. We now find ourselves in a time where anything goes, and I don’t know about you, but I am on the bandwagon. Do you know how long I’ve waited for the casual brunch in a pair of bib overalls? Hello, comfy casual cool, I’m back.

But even in this “anything goes” fashion era there is still a big question I’m often asked, is it acceptable to pair yellow jewelry with silver? Jewelry is timeless of course, but so many woman fear breaking any of the rules that may apply. From what I am seeing, white on gold metals it is absolutely okay, if done tastefully. One concept is wearing a piece that is finely constructed of white and yellow metals itself. Take the Cartier Tri-color Panthere link ring for example. This is beautifully constructed from yellow, white and rose gold. Contrary to the unwritten rule, this is absolutely a timeless piece. Even luxury watches are being designed with two-toned metals.

Two-tone Patek Philippe Nautilus
Two-tone Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Rolex Yacht-Master, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Submariner, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Cartier Santos, Cartier Panthere are a few models with pieces constructed with the white on yellow trend. The confusion then lays on how to ensemble the other jewelry to be worn with a two-toned piece. A gold necklace, white gold earrings, a platinum statement ring, the gold or silver chained Michael Kors hand bag? The possibilities are endless. Easily even the most fashionably savvy can become confused. The key is to stay consistent. If yellow metal is most flattering to your outfit, then go with yellow. Vice versa with white or rose gold metals. Metals are considered neutral colors so they match anything, including each other. My rule of thumb – do not mix too many together. Mind the ratio… use mostly one with just a little of the other. Go for more of 80/20 versus 50/50.

Mixed metal jewelry is in!

Use the same approach when pairing different pieces together. Start experimenting by stacking rings or bracelets against one another. Known as the “stacking trend”, this will certainly be an eye-catching look sure to deliver compliments. This once jewelry “no-no” will now bring you respect from even the most finicky fashionista.

For the traditionalist, if none of this feels right to you, well, that is okay. Nothing in the 21st century says it is a must to mix your metals. Always remember the number one rule of fashion, if it doesn’t feel right for you or on you, than don’t do it. Your wardrobe, jewelry included, is meant to be an extension of yourself, a statement to the world. Never do anything to hinder your methods of impression. But never fear coloring outside of the lines either. Confidence is key. Your boldness is your decision. If it makes you feel fabulous go for it!




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Jennifer Lewis

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