Eric Lobel MD

What did you like most about your experience with Gray & Sons:: I have been a customer of Gray & Sons for over 20 years. I have purchased multiple vintage and contemporary watches and an array of jewelry . I am delighted by the quality and pricing of my purchases, and by the knowledge and assistance of the staff. It is a true pleasure doing business, both in person and from ordering from their spectacular catalog or website. They never disappoint !! What could we have done to make the experience better:: Excellent. Just keep doing what your doing Eric Lobel MD, Mobile, Alabama

Gisela Gonzalez

What did you like most about your experience with Gray & Sons? I love the whole experience of visiting your lovely store and buying my rolex watch at an excellent price. the sales staff was so friendly and accomodating. i love my watch, it is so beautiful. What could we have done to make the experience better? There is NOTHING you can do to make the experience better because it was all so perfect. Gisela Gonzalez, Miami Beach, Florida

H.R.H. Prince Joseph of Kent

Dear Claudine: I wanted to take a moment and thank you for presenting me with an incredible Cartier Santos watch. I have been looking for a long time for a watch that would reflect my personality, and you were able to locate it for me and bring it into my life. It is very hard to find something for my collection of over 1000 watches and you made the transaction so simple and easy. Sometimes I run into problems with purchases over the Internet and you came through for me. I am very thankful for the ease of the purchase and the quality of the merchandise. I do believe I now have a watch that when I wear it, the watch has the ability to turn heads. It is such a pleasure to do business with honest people like yourself and hope that you will have continued success with you business. Thank you again for making my life a little better with very little stress in such a purchase and may you and your family be blessed with your dreams. My greatest appreciation, H.R.H. Prince Joseph of Kent

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Marlee S.


Nancy & Keith




Marlee S.


Samantha Hurtado



G. Halpern

I met Mr Gray a Holiday party in December 2015. I told him I had my father's "ALARM" Jaeger Lecoultre from the 1950's. A heirloom watch that was priceless to me. No one including "Jaeger Lecoultre" was able to fix it over the last 30 years. Mr Gray said "Bring it to me" .... That's all he said. I indeed accepted his invitation.and left my watch with him, he said, "Give me 2 months, either we will celebrate success or not." Well, this guy and his staff is the only company that accomplished what they said they will do. They restored the watch to its prime, it is fixed,running, it is keeping time and alarm is ringing and working. Thank you to Keith Gray, and Gray and Sons. The king of watch repairs in the USA. G. Halpern Brickell Avenue Miami, Florida

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