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Hoisting themselves on their reputable brands, their excellent craftmanship, and their deep penetration into the luxury goods market, Swiss watchmakers are breaking into the tech industry and they’re starting with the most important accessory: the smartphone. Despite the wide availability of smartphones, watchmakers are fearless in venturing into this uncharted territory. And their bravery is understandable. Not only have Swiss watchmakers searched for ways to transfer their talents for machinery and design beyond automatic and quartz watches, but they have also enjoyed a record 2012 with exports totaling $22.6 billion. The market is ripe for true luxury smartphones.

World-renown TAG Heuer is among the first watchmakers to expand into the smartphone industry.  The company has produced a line of luxury smartphones known as Meridiist, which targets affluent travelers.  These smart phones have similar features to the TAG Heuer watches, including a formidable battery life and optimal time displays.

The Meridiist line features a dual display time unit and a GMT function that allows users to quickly change the phone’s timezone.  The time display is also supplemented with a hundredth of a second chronograph.  The phone contains a stainless steel frame and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal–of course.

With the growth in the mobile phone industry and the vast opportunities for a hot new trend such as Swiss-made luxury smartphones, the question remains: will other luxury watchmakers follow suit?

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TAG Heuer creates watch-inspired smartphone for travelers