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Create your own style statement by adorning these exquisitely designed series of used IWC Da Vinci Watches from Gray and Sons Jewelers. These watches are world-renowned for their accuracy and performance. Every single piece is crafted from the finest materials to meet the greatest industry standards. There is a piece for every occasion ranging with features like the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, flyback chronograph with gold, steel or platinum encasing.

  • IWC Da Vinci 39mm IW3755-02

    IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar in 18k yellow gold & black ceramic (Zirconium Oxide) on leather strap with 18k IWC tang buckle. Manual w/ subseconds, date, day, month, moonphase, chronograph and perpetual calendar. 39 mm case size. Ref IW3755-02. Circa 1980's. Fine Pre-owned IWC Watch.

    Certified preowned Classic IWC Da Vinci IW3755-02 watch on a Black Leather band with a 18k tang buckle. This IWC watch has a 39 x 39 mm case with a Round caseback and White Stick dial. Circa: 1980s. It is Gray and Sons Certified Authentic and comes backed by our 12-month warranty. Each watch is inspected by our certified in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers before shipment including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing.

    If you have inquiries about this IWC Da Vinci watch please call us toll free at 800-705-1112 and be sure to reference W522448.

    Watch is in Excellent condition.

    This watch is in 18K Yellow Gold & ceramic. If you are looking for a IWC Da Vinci Stainless Steel or Platinum Watch to to our IWC Da Vinci watch.
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IWC Da Vinci

At Gray and Sons, we bring you the rarest masterpieces of IWC Da Vinci and many other luxury brands’ pre-owned watches that are completely restored to a like-new condition. You'll be buying a piece of history that works every bit as well as a new timepiece, but you won't have to pay for it.

Of course, considering that these are genuine IWC chronographs, nobody will know that you didn't shell out the full price for it. Once a piece undergoes our exacting several point inspection, it's been picked over as well as an original newly manufactured watch might have been. In some cases, that might mean you'll be able to find rare hard-to-find pieces that would have otherwise been out of production.


Why Buy IWC Da Vinci Watches From Gray And Sons Jewelers?

With over 40 years of experience and happy clients around the world, we continue to deliver better than the best to our elite family of watch lovers. We, at Gray and Sons, are pioneers in buying, selling, and repairing IWC Da Vinci watches and other top brands like Rolex, Cartier, Patik Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, and many more luxury watch brands. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will amaze you with our bountiful IWC Da Vinci collection.

Feel free to browse our existing collection at your leisure as well. Our representatives are actively scouring the world looking for excellent timepieces. Each of our skilled technicians is certified to work with the IWC watches they care for, which means that you can be sure you're getting exactly what you've purchased. 

Many people in the fashion industry have increasingly become concerned with the possibility of receiving less than ideal merchandise. Considering that fact, it's become vitally important to work with an organization that authenticates each individual piece they purchase and resell.

Each time you buy a pre-owned IWC Da Vinci timepiece, you can be sure that you're getting the genuine article. In part, that's because of the fact that our company is run by watch enthusiasts who would be absolutely devastated if any member ever got a piece that was anything but the real deal. At the same time, it's due to the facilities that we've cultivated for our business.


100 Percent Authentic And Restored IWC Da Vinci Watches

We are revered around the world for our genuine knowledge and experience in endorsing any pre-owned IWC Da Vinci Watch. Our team of Swiss-trained watchmakers has the knack of verifying and restoring every watch with tremendous attention to detail.

When you choose from our stunning collection of IWC Da Vinci watches, you are sure that every single part inside it is as authentic and genuine as it looks on the outside. If you are planning to buy a used Da Vinci watch or wish to sell a piece from your carefully selected collection of watches, Gray and Sons are the most reliable and reputable jewelry store in Miami Beach.

None of our replacement pieces are inauthentic either. Sometimes individuals are forced to use parts that don't actually go with a particular watch just so they can get it operational again. Our Swiss-trained crews only ever use genuine parts that they receive from authentic sources. That means you can be absolutely sure that everything is perfect both inside and out whether you want to use a particular timepiece for actually keeping time or merely as an elegant accessory.

Best of all, you'll be getting a service plan along with it from our in-house facilities. Our experienced technicians are more than capable of maintaining any piece that you acquire for a long time after you've had it. IWC Da Vinci watches are designed to be enjoyed for an eternity, which makes them an attractive choice for even those who plan to eventually turn their timepieces into cherished heirlooms that can keep on ticking over the long-term.

While some people might opt to go with the IWC brand largely because of its fantastic characteristics in the world of fashion, it also has a tendency to attract those who prefer accurate timepieces that will keep good measurements regardless of how long they're used. Get in touch with us if you ever need this kind of work done, and we'll make sure to get your chronograph working just like new again. Naturally, if there are any parts that need to be replaced our Swiss-trained technicians will only use the same high-quality authentic components that they would use if they were completely redoing one of our own watches from scratch.


State-Of-The-Art Watch Repair And Service Center

We have nobody in the competition when it comes to restoration and servicing facilities. Every pre-owned watch is carefully tested and inspected before bringing it to our customers. Our in—house restoration facilities are equipped with world-class machinery, and our team of watchmakers performs everything from servicing, repairing, and polishing to give every watch an all-new look and style. 

The 12-month warranty attached to all of our IWC Da Vinci watches itself speaks about our confidence and reliability. We also offer free polishing, detailing, and battery replacement for our "Like New for Life" program members. All we want is to turn your choice into a lifetime's charm!

Of course, you might be thinking that you'll never need this kind of service, but it's always available for you no matter what might happen in the near future. Over time, you'll want to keep your investment shining like new so this is a perfect opportunity to get a piece that you'll be able to keep over the long-haul.


Buy The Top IWC Da Vinci Watches From Gray & Sons

At Gray and Sons, you find IWC Da Vinci watches that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. We are always updated with the market trends and prices of IWC Da Vinci Watches, thereby, making buying or selling watches a great deal for our customers. 

Our prime focus remains not only on selling unique pre-owned IWC Da Vinci watches but also on giving you the highest quality services plus accreditation from the finest watchmakers of the industry. Be it affordable pricing or best standards, Gray and Sons stand ahead of every competitor.

Your trust is what we yearn for, because here at Gray and Sons, we call every watch and jewelry that crosses our doors as a pre-loved dream. Just give us a shout, and we would be more than happy to turn your dreams into reality. Feel free to contact us with our online form and an experienced member of our staff will be ready to help you find the kind of watch that best suits your collection and possibly even your best outfits.