Omega Constellation

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Whether you prefer a pantsuit or a more traditional evening gown, any Omega Constellation will look the part. At Gray & Sons, we've been dealing in restored and like-new condition pre-owned watches since 1980 so we have what it takes to get you the Omega watch you're looking for to add to your wardrobe. We also offer discounts on certain items and payment plans with Affirm


Vintage Omega Constellation Watches For Women


When it comes to watches for women, the Omega Constellation line has always been on the absolute vanguard of fashion and functionality. They've offered everything from silver dialed watches to those that have more of an abstract look about them. That's kept collectors guessing for years since everyone seems to want to know what the next big release is going to be.


This particular silver-dialed watch is quite remarkable. It is made of 18K gold and stainless steel, with a quartz dial. You won’t have to wind it on a regular basis, and the date feature will help you stay organized. 


At the same time, though, it's also ensured that all of their different designs constantly stay in fashion regardless of what the day's trends might say is currently popular or not. Vintage Omega Constellation watches won't ever be anything less than trendy.


Pre-Owned Omega Constellation Watch Styles

Many styles of Omega watches have premiered over the years. One of those that are most fondly remembered features a cream dial and a 34mm size. The cream dial is also called the Pie Pan, for its gentle aesthetics and 1966 origins. You would be wearing vintage, along with the 14k mesh yellow gold bracelet and matching dial. This features an elegant and timeless appearance that stands out from the crowd. 


The Champagne Omega Constellation is another beloved model. This watch, which dates around the 1980s, is made of 18K gold for the dial and stainless steel for the buckle, to create a softer look. You have a light, almost peach color contrasted with blocky Roman numerals. 


Others have genuinely striking looks that stand out in an entirely different way. They hearken back to the Space Race or to sporting events. Consider the fact that some have featured stainless steel as opposed to gold or silver. The steel is a luxury item that melds durability and gorgeous aesthetics. There is a reason why astronauts wore watches with steel while traversing space. 


The Stainless Steel Constellation also has a diamond dial and bezel respectively, to match with the hidden steel buckle’s long-lasting life. Black and white contrast to make quite a stunning watch. 


Used Vintage Omega Constellation For Ladies

Consider, for a moment, where your Omega Constellation watch may have been if you buy one used. Naturally, some people are a little concerned about buying used timepieces. While they might work just as well as an original, there's a certain stigma regarding where they may have been.


If you've ever been concerned about that, then think about this. Britain's Royal Flying Corps picked the Omega as an official timepiece in 1917 and pilots in the United States selected these storied watches just a year later. Omega watches were even the choice for NASA astronauts when the Apollo 11 team landed on the moon in 1969.


Omega watches have been the choice of countless famous people over the years, so there's no reason that you should ever feel that used vintage Constellation watches are somehow inferior. Our Swiss-trained technicians look over each vintage watch and make adjustments only with manufacturer-approved components.


Best of all, this means you can get many gorgeous vintage styles that are no longer in production. For instance, the distinctive Constellation styles of the 1980s, known as the Manhattan watches, are equipped with a quartz movement and look absolutely stunning. Constellation watches never have their appeal wear off, which is fitting because some of the most gorgeous ladies watch that the Omega company has made were cast in genuine gold.


Gold Omega Constellation Used

Gold is known for its longevity, so when our Swiss-trained crews look over a golden Omega Constellation watch, they can refurbish it directly to like-new condition. This should represent an opportunity to own a priceless Swiss timepiece at a price that's perfect. 


Best of all, these watches can become heirlooms that last for more than even a lifetime. You can pass down one through the family, bestow as a wedding present, or gift to a beloved friend. The monetary and sentimental value will only grow over time. Some golden watches even feature authentic diamonds marking off the hours and other information on the face.


Rose gold Omega Constellations were made back in the 1950s and since then a wide variety of watches have been produced in various different types of gold settings. They use 18K worth of the precious mineral, to ensure high-quality. Omega once promised that their watches offered the exact time for life, which is a big promise but it's quite backed up by their service record. 


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