A Token of My Love | Gray & Sons

So many people ask me how I buy my wife her Valentine’s Day present. Being a jeweler and owning an estate jewelry and fine watch boutique, the selection can be endless. Having the world famous Bal Harbour Shops across the street, the selection continues to be endless.

My wife and I are at a point and an age where we don’t need anything. Now, it’s the things that we want, the purses, the shoes, the jewelry, the watches. I let her talk to my specialists who work with me. They know what is new or vintage, what is exciting, unique and colorful. It may be expensive, it may not be expensive, but something that will complement the fashion of my wife. Then, they’ll show me a few selections and I’ll choose something that is meaningful and she will cherish. It doesn’t have to be jewelry, of course. It could be the car she wanted to drive, the vacation in Italy or helping our favorite Boys & Girls Club, Chopin Music Foundation or Northfield Mount Hermon School Scholarship fund.

These are demonstrations of love that you get to do for your significant other that may happen on Valentine’s Day or may happen on another day of the year. Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year, and we get to make those we care about happy all year round. It can also be a hug, kiss, embrace or declaration of love. The great way to give someone a Valentine’s Day gift is not doing it because it’s expected but because the person has added so much to your life that you want do something for them and it might be wrapped in a box with a bow. It makes that statement of I know I’m a better, happier person because you’re in my life. It’s a symbol of my love, and Valentine’s Day has been anointed as the day of love.

Gray & Sons President Keith A. Gray, wife Agnieszka Magdalena Gray, son Max and the other 4 loves (clockwise) Gigi, Chanel, Coco & Boo-Boo.

Let's be Grateful