Watch of the Month - Jean Dunand Orbital Tourbillon

Why We Love It: Master watchmaker Christophe Claret, has made the Best of The Best... even Better! Christophe Claret created "Jean Dunand," named after the famous French Art Deco Designer in 2003. Each timepiece is hand made in the "Tourbillon Orbital Collection" therefore each watch is unique and no two timepieces are exactly the same. This colorful Laquer- Enamel Dragon watch has an extra large case size measuring 48.2mm X 49.9mm by 16.6mm thick in platinum, large sapphire crystal windows on the side of the case to give a view of the ultra complex movement and power indicator (approximately 110 hours on a sing wind!)

The Tourbillon has an escapement that "flies" around the dial once per hour. This patented orbital revolving movement also sports phases of the moon on the reverse of the watch. The Tourbillon has a power reserve gauge on the side that will move from E (EMPTY) to F (FULL) to indicate the watch is wind.

There's a folding handle to wind and set the watch with a lift of the handle and pull up with one click, the handle can go either direction to adjust the time and after the time is adjusted, click the handle down to the winding position and give it one counterclockwise turn. This "kicks" the watch off into orbit!" A combination of size, unheard of complications and The Art Deco Dragon in multi-color laquer enamel makes this masterpiece a collectable museum piece for the future.

The genius of Mr. Claret continues in the design, there is no visible winding or setting crown and the revolving functional piece of art and technology is indeed fascinating.

Retail Price: $600,000


  • Orbital Tourbillon
  • Moonphase
  • Power-reserve gauge
  • Enamel Dragon Dial
  • Jean Dunand Orbital Tourbillon-watch