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Browse our vast selection of Bvlgari bracelets. Each item delivers on luxury beauty and will match your outfits for any occasion. You will look fabulous and brandish a piece, where you want bangles or beads to adorn your night. 

Why not go with a reliable brand that will add the spark that you need? Bvlgari has never disappointed anyone who loves a taste of luxury.


Bvlgari Bracelets

The Perfect Bvlgari Bracelet

We offer great savings on all of our offerings as well as payment plans with Affirm if you prefer to do installments. See which of our items qualify for warranties and repair services, so that you can get the best deal. We want to ensure that you enjoy your purchase and its full value. Take advantage of our flexibility.

When you want to unleash your inner serpent, the Bvlgari Parentesi Snake Band will deliver it with elegance. These links will provide a rhythmic texture when the light hits at the right angles. Such a dazzle will enhance your outfit. Pair with an evening gown, or with a suit to your next job interview or conference.

The Tubogas band comes in 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, to ensure longevity with the latter. It will fit a wrist with a circumference of 7.5 inches. Simply polish on a regular basis to maintain its gleam.

Save on more than a thousand dollars to get this band, with our special prices and discounts. You won’t find it in modern stores anywhere though there are equivalents with variations. The snake motif is elegant and commands power, and it always looks sensible.

Traditionally, the Tubogas band is also designed to save jewelers hours on work, while provided nice rounded contours that complement the wearer. The individual links are meant to represent 1920s glass carrier pipes which once were familiar and aesthetically pleasing. Bvlgari revived the style, which heralds from the nineteenth century. It has since become a part of the brand and shows that 

Why Go With Bvlgari Bracelets?

Bvlgari is the face of luxury jewelry, that aims to adorn everyone. They combine necessity with respect to older fashion styles. The brand takes certain jewelry icons and incorporates them into new models. These included their beaded bracelets that they display and the banded ones. 

You can get all kinds of bracelets from Bvlgari, meant for any formal or informal occasion. They like to take inspiration from ancient traditions and bring them into the modern world. The Romans are a common influence, as one of the first great Western civilizations.

One such example is the snake motif. Snakes tended to represent eternal love or rebirth in jewelry, with Queen Victoria declaring its symbolism as the latter. Wearing snake jewelry means that you display a grand amount of love for yourself and the world and that you are willing to change and rebuild your image. 

A green Galuchat skin bracelet is a great starting point for when you want this particular motif. This textured bracelet will remind you of rebirth, and the love that you have for others. The black and white enamel snakeheads have malachite eyes, which will fill your day, afternoon, or evening with power. We recommend wearing this bracelet for more formal occasions, that will add sparks to a conservative outfit. 

If you want a bigger statement, the Serpentine Forever Bracelet will make red and silver your color. The ruby-red band is adjustable, which makes it perfect for any wrist. Jewelers then paired it with a black, grey and white enamel snakehead to accentuate the contrast. This is better for lighter occasions, such as when you have a cocktail party to attend or dance at a nightclub. Get in a medium or a small. 

Another Forever bracelet with personality is the Serpenti Forever, which curls around the wrist like a tiny emerald boa. Enamel snakeheads dot the ends, reminding one of mythological creatures that encircle the world and of queens that used cobras to do their bidding. Calf leather is dyed a rich green and tanned for comfort. Brass hardware plated with gold finishes the piece adds more structural integrity. Wear for your next party and wow the other guests. 

Let’s say that you aren’t a fan of snakes. If you prefer an accessory with pendant charms, then we like the Diva’s Dream bracelet, which was inspired by antique Roman styles. This one has a rose gem with a carnelian, along with 18K gold. We like the delicacy of the Diva’s Dream and how it is an understatement at a glance but has more detail and personality on a closer look.

Bvlgari is reputable in the beauty world and will promise that you will look fabulous. They craft their jewelry to last, both in terms of durability and fashion. Even when they release new bracelets, the older models live on with a fabulous reputation. The rare the bracelet, the more value it gains over time.   

Wear a bracelet as an accessory and a status symbol, to show your personality in a refined form. Impress guests when they ask where you got your bracelet. Or determine what a bracelet would mean to you when you show it off, and create one that makes you look and feel special.

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