Cartier Earrings

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Cartier Earrings

Browse through our selection of Cartier earrings to find what will suit your wardrobe. We have all sorts that meld gold and diamonds to create the perfect look. You can look bold and brave, qualities that every person must have in this day and age. Show off your wild side, with a touch of luxury.

Our Cartier Earring Collection

The Gray & Sons catalog has a vast assortment of Cartier earrings, all perfect for your special occasion. We have vintage editions and newer models, that cover a fairly wide price range. You can find exactly what you need for the job interview, or for the next cocktail party.

We also ensure that you receive the full value for your jewelry. Certain items are offered at discounts compared to regular retail prices. If the full amount is not negotiable, we accept payment plans through our secure financing company, Affirm. Our warranty policies and repair services will only enhance the experience so that your purchase will last a lifetime.

Cartier Diamond Earrings

Gold is a classic standby for earrings. The metal is malleable and matches any outfit. You can never go wrong with standard yellow, rose or white gold jewelry.

Our favorite is this Cartier crossover, which has 18K gold as well as diamonds and rubies. We adore the ballet-slipper shape, which promises elegance mixed with energy.

The colorful shapes remind us of the joy of the dance, and the preserving of tradition. This Cartier diamond earring clasps easily without the risk of falling, and measures at one inch. Celebrate the art of dance, of moving frenetically while standing still at the same time and captivating the audience’s attention.

Cartier Diamond Stud Earrings

If you want simple diamond studs, we have just the piece for you. The Cartier Diamonds Studs are made to simplify the ornamental presentation and amplify it at the same time.

Each stud has .15 carats of precious minerals, with 18K gold and has diamonds cut at the right size to sparkle under any light. Even with these refined angles, the effect is artfully understated. As a result, these diamond studs are always in style.

These become a great, restained aesthetic to soften any brightly colored outfit. Or they can add a splash of shine to dress up a conservative outfit. This aspect makes the matching set great for job interviews and extremely formal occasions. Don these for your next networking event or black tie outing. You will convey subtle elegance and complete a gorgeous look.

Cartier Clip On Earrings

Would you rather go bold? That’s also a great choice with the brand, to find that Touissant Taste in a choice of earrings. Find what will add a splash of personality to your party outfit.

Our Cartier catalog has the boldest of the lot: the Cartier Diamonds Ear Clips. You will feel like you are wearing chandeliers that will bring the house down, metaphorically speaking.

The spherical shape hides the clasp in the back so that you can show off all parts of these clips. You will get everyone’s attention and add some vivace to your cocktail dress or outfit. No need to pierce your ears to enjoy the occasion; the clips won’t show and will give you time to shimmer.

Each clip has two hundred diamonds each, which will help your ears gleam and stand out at any special occasion, and they are valued at 25 carats. They are angled to reflect the light off each stone and enhance the iridescent effect. You will remind people of the brilliance in their lives, and what you reflect by wearing them.

You can get the company’s signature Touissant Taste with imaginary creatures as well as real ones in jewelry. The Cartier Baiser du Dragon earrings have 1 carat of diamonds, 1 carat of dark-red rubies, and 18K of gold, which are meant to unleash your inner fire. These are great for when you have a less formal outing and want to show off a confident personality. Feel the Cartier white gold love and the flight of dragon’s wings when you wear these dangling jewels.

Get Your Earrings In Perfect Condition From Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, we are proud to help you find the right pair of earrings. We are based in the United States and have verified every piece of jewelry that we sell. Our in-house experts examine every item and certify them. Gray & Sons makes an effort to find vintage jewelry so that customers can always hold onto a piece from the past.

Reach out to us today to find your perfect earrings, make an offer, or book an appointment at our Miami shop. You will have the right good-luck charm to start your day right or a perfect ornament for that fun outing.