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Cartier Necklaces

At Gray & Sons, search through our catalog to find the right Cartier Necklace for you. Each one has a distinctive personality and is meant for that perfect special occasion. Display your vibrant spirit to guests and friends, so that they know you have energy that will light up the room and make every event joyous.

The Cartier brand is meant to symbolize luxury, style, elegance and unique character. Vivacious influences color the company’s wares, from the Touissant Taste to British quirks, that inform each jewelry line’s personality. Enjoy all of the little design details that make Cartier more than a standard brand for luxury accessories.

Choosing Your Cartier Necklace

At Gray & Sons, we have several sales and discounts that will provide more value for your Cartier pendant or chain. Take advantage of them as well as our various warranties and repairs. When you become our customer, we want to give you the highest service possible. Affirm Financing can help you with monthly payments.

We happen to be hosting simpler Cartier designs in addition to more lavish ones. The variety means that there are accessories for any occasion, from cocktail parties to formal meetings. You can decide which ones will complement your choice of wardrobe. Or you can ask for our recommendations after explaining where you want to wear your favorite jewelry.

Sweet Trinity Necklace

The Cartier Trinity Necklace is good for when you want a small but expertly-crafted pendant. This pendant combines white, rose and yellow gold to twist into linked hoops. The neutral colors make it suitable to wear with any outfit, and others need to look closely to see all of the contrasts. That adds an aura of mystery that invites people to look again and study you as a person.

We recommend this for a standard corporate office or for when you have to dress formally. Use the three adjustable lengths -- 14.5, 15, and 16 inches -- to determine the length that you prefer. People will only notice the differences if they take a second glance. The subtle transitions will add some pep to your outfit without flashiness.

A Cartier Chain For The Office

A standard chain can also do the job, though with Cartier you never get “regular” accessories. Try out this Cartier 18K White Gold Necklace and save on retail value. You won’t regret how it looks around your neck.

The Rolo links gleam with polish, and measure well at sixteen inches. They will fit around any person’s neck and serve as gender-neutral. Both men and women can wear this necklace and look elegant. It draws attention to their face and extolls are their positive features.

You only need to perform minimal maintenance on the white gold. This is a great understated piece that adds some shine to your outfit. Wear every day to the office and keep as the finishing touch. For less formal occasions, pair with a brightly colored outfit and revel in the contrast.

A Classic Diamond Cartier Necklace

If you want a fancy conversation piece, the Cartier "Pluie de Diamants" Necklace will spruce up any outfit. “Pluie de Diamants” means “diamond rain” in French and was also the name of a classical waltz by pianist Émile Waldteufel. The necklace gets its name from the diamond accents that adorn an 18K gold chain and four linked pendants.

Cartier made the necklace in the 1990s, but it remains timeless. We recommend wearing at parties and at formal dinners when you want to make a big memorable impression on fellow attendees and guests. When people ask about the name, you can mention that diamonds fall on Saturn and Jupiter from the sky and that the necklace may symbolize that.

Find Your Brilliant Cut

Cartier necklaces are made as luxury pieces and fashion statements. You can get simple pendants, or the fanciest chokers possible. Each one embodies the Cartier spirit, which is to incorporate boldness and personality into each piece.

What’s more, when you wear a Cartier necklace, you are wearing a brand that has received historical endorsements. You can flaunt your inner Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly at the next formal dinner and be treated like royalty. Diamond collectors would get their wares mounted at Cartier, and

Etiquette dictates that you wear a necklace to complement an outfit. If you have a busy or brash top, go with simpler chains and pendants. The Trinity necklaces and Cartier chains are good for this sort of occasion. They also work well for the more traditional office setting with muted color tones.

When you have a plain blouse or dress, an artfully-arranged choker can go a long way into making your appearance memorable. Never overdress with necklaces, because too busy a look can distract people with your brilliance. You can wear these, however, for weddings, cocktail parties, and lavish holiday events. Embellish your evening with luxury.

A Cartier necklace is a classic jewelry staple. Having one in your wardrobe will ensure that you are well-dressed for any occasion. Pair with any of your outfits and show your inner boldness or subtle charms. Or you can gift a necklace to the special person in your life that deserves a gorgeous accessory.

Savor a Cartier Necklace From Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, we have been selling vintage jewelry for several decades. Our pride and joy are finding rare and time-relevant pieces that you can’t find anywhere else and restoring them to full quality. That way you can hold onto precious parts of history that would otherwise become inaccessible to the public or vanish. You only have to reach out.

Contact us today to make an offer on any of the necklaces you see. Or schedule an appointment to see our wares in person at our Miami shop. We will be very happy to serve you and help you in any way possible to find your personality. You deserve a Cartier necklace that shows off exactly who you are.