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Chopard Jewelry

When choosing the right accessories for your elevated standards and tastes, pre-owned Chopard jewelry comes with a rich legacy worthy of your time and consideration. Founded in 1860, Louis-Ulysse Chopard started the L.U.C watch company in Sonvilier, Switzerland. The young artisan watchmaker created works of art with innovative designs on unique chronometers and pocket watches. He quickly became a recognizable name in the industry thanks to the superiority of his creations. His son, Paul-Louis would take over the company in 1915 and set a course for a wider scope of buyers. Six years after taking the helm, he moved the headquarters to La Chaux-de-Fonds before eventually relocating once more in 1937 to Geneva, the capital of fine watchmaking. These movements were laying the foundation for what would soon become a globally recognized enterprise. In 1941, Paul-Louis’ son Paul-Andre would take over for his father at running one of the country’s most premier watchmaking brands. After years of running the company, he realizes that his children have no interest in the company, so he looks for a buyer.

In 1963, Paul-Andre meets Karl Scheufele III, grandson of Karl Scheufele I, who was a master watchmaker in Germany and created his own company, Eszeha, at a young age. In addition to his intrepid and bold entrepreneurship, this man is also from a long line of excellence, much like Paul-Andre. Karl I revolutionized the way pocket-watches were designed, allowing the owner to wear the watch as a necklace or a bracelet, thus making it a popular accessory among women. Karl the I wanted to acquire a Swiss-based watch company but never succeeded. His grandson seized the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of his grandfather when he bought Chopard.

The birth of the look most commonly associated with Chopard jewelry began in 1972, the look was inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. While the designer was only beginning to get their footing in cultivating the signature style we know today, there would be several interesting turning points in what we now easily recognize as the Chopard jewelry style. At the age of 16, Caroline Scheufele, sketched out what will become known as the Happy Diamond Clown – a playful clown with a belly full of loose diamonds. This launched the jewelry side of the company. In 1985, they introduced the Happy Diamonds collection. The line’s motto is “diamonds are happy when they are set free”. The Casmir collection was introduced in 1990, boasting floral ornamentation and sinuous curves. A few years later, the Pushkin collection featured gold, pearls, precious stones and polished diamonds inspired by Russian churches. The Happy Sport collection was launched in 1993, allowing an original association between steel and diamonds in an audacious and free-spirited way. Other collections include the Palme Verte Collection, I for Imperiale, Chopardissimo, and Ice Cube, a geometric-inspired collaboration with Garance Doré.

When seeking out the best in both quality and price, our pre-owned Chopard jewelry is here to meet your every need for luxury accessories. Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, we pride ourselves on cultivating a carefully curated and restored collection of the finest luxury designers from around the globe. If you have any questions pertaining to any of these beautiful selections, please contact a representative for further assistance on the matter.