David Yurman Bracelets

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Browse our David Yurman bracelets, all vintage and resold at a discount. You wear more than precious stones, gold or silver when you choose David Yurman; you also get a unique piece of personality rendered in a beautiful form. The company is very concerned with making our daily lives better and injecting more good objects and values into the world. David Yurman wants to add more joy to the world with each bracelet, necklace, and other pieces. They also ethically source all of their stones and metals.

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David Yurman Bracelets

Each of our pieces comes with the option of an Affirm payment plan. You can decide on a monthly installment or make an offer. We want to ensure that you have access to our jewelry and that you can revel in it. Check our sales as well to learn about how much you can save on retail prices. We offer discounts up to more than a thousand dollars. 


David Yurman Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are a standard jewelry piece and virtually timeless. The design is simple with twisted cables or links. They fit most wrists and match your outfits, regardless of the occasion. Magnetic cuff bracelets also encourage regular blood circulation and supportive sleeping habits, as well as a positive attitude. Wearing one will improve your health while also adding a nice lilt to your look. 

The David Yurman Renaissance bracelet has a citrine stone as the centerpiece and iolite stones as tinier accents. Such a bright color will add joy to your day, especially when paired with a sterling silver chain. The deep red iolite adds a nice contrast to the bright orange citrine and is nice for business casual or professional. 14K gold clasps add the final touch as a crisp yellow accent.

If you prefer pearls to iolite and citrine, then we have the bracelet for you. This Designer-signed "H & R" Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Accent Bangle will make you feel like royalty. Man-made pearls enhance the gold and silver with the fasteners. Revel in the texture and know that you are a special person. This can be worn with business professional outfits, as well as lighter cocktail dresses. A little bit of gold will add a royal elegance to your wardrobe. 


Spiritual David Yurman Bracelets

Another great benefit of bracelets is that they can aid in your meditation, or for helping you calm down during a stressful situation. You can use one David Yurman bracelet to look fashionable at your next social event and breathe in natural charm. Aligning your chakras during a formal dinner will help you maintain confidence and project your aura to important networking professionals. Move the beads along your wrist when meditating to increase your spiritual side.                                       

The Tiger Eye bead bracelet is one such example that can match your outfit while grounding you emotionally. The beads are arranged on a sterling silver chain. In addition to having a lovely orange hue, tiger eye stones are meant to increase inner harmony and balance. Release your fears and anxieties while wearing this set of stones. You will also look great while getting the inspiration to take action and seize initiatives. Receive protection from bad luck and curses from every tiger eye bead. 

Another good chakra bracelet is David Yurman Red Coral, which uses stones from the sea. Coral is used to endow the wearer with wisdom and happiness for their lives. Due to not being durable, vintage coral is a rare find, especially with a sterling silver clasp. That’s why we have this particular bracelet. Wear for when you want to start the day on a good note and to add some color while keeping out of the sun. You’ll attract success when matching the beads with your outfit. Also, the bright red is always a winner for looking fashionable.  

Do you need some protection from negativity in your life? The Black Onyx Bead Bracelet from David Yurman can shield your aura and daily energy. Onyx transforms bad vibes into good ones that you can use to power through the day. When you are in a stressful situation or need to make the decision, the beads can bring calm and discipline so that you can find focus in your life. Draw insight from past experiences to build a better future. 


Other David Yurman Bracelets

If you are looking for statement pieces or alternative neutral choices, we also have many standout pendant and cable bracelets here at Gray & Sons. David Yurman incorporates real-world inspiration into their designs, from horses to Mother Nature. Take a piece of life with you every time you wear the brand’s jewelry. 

The Carved Cable Disc Bracelet has a mix of 18K gold and sterling silver. Large links carry a twisted pendant that has a heavy, tactile look that may remind others of seashells on the beach. Wear when you want to draw people’s attention to your wrists at how the light catches the sterling silver. The chain measures at six and a half inches in length, which makes it better for smaller wrists. 

If you prefer an understated look, the Men’s David Yurman Medium Box Bracelet is a great option. It has a simple clasp for fastening and removing on a sterling silver chain. Both men and women can wear this during a professional atmosphere, with any style of clothing suited for the occasion. Measuring at eight and a half inches, the silver links will fit most wrists.