David Yurman Necklaces

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When you wear a David Yurman necklace, you wear a unique symbol of personality. We offer special discount prices on highly valued items, some that have not been produced for ages. Decide what metal and gemstone is your color, and wear with pride. You can find a necklace for any occasion, from your job at the office to a nightclub or a formal dinner.

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David Yurman Necklaces

Your David Yurman Chain Necklace

Browse our selection of David Yurman necklaces and take advantage of our discounts. On some necklaces, we offer as much as three hundred dollars off the original price, giving you more value at a smaller cost.

We also offer installment plans with Affirm. Pay as little as twenty-one dollars per month on certain pieces, and never break the budget for fashion. Make an offer on one of our pieces.

A classic chain is a jewelry staple for everyone. They don’t stand out, but they do enhance the look. Wear for casual or highly professional settings, to add an understated gleam and aura. You can also gift them to the special person in your life who would treasure it.

This David Yurman stainless steel box chain necklace is a classy version of such a model. It runs the length at twenty-two inches, and you can tuck it under your business suit to let a peek of shine stand out. Tiny stainless steel links are made to last, and simply need polishing from time to time.

The cross is a standard conservative necklace, which embodies tradition and faith. When you want to be stylish while showing your spiritual side, you can’t go wrong with the David Yurman sterling silver Chevron cross. This cross is adorned with diamonds and comes on a sterling silver medium-chain. It goes well with any business outfit and will add a bit of shine that complements your daily routine.

If you prefer any alternatives, the cross pendant with 18k gold and sterling silver is good when you want to add some color to your wardrobe. The pendant, which is adorned with twisted gold and silver to make a unique texture, is placed on a standard silver box chain that measures 22 inches in length. It allows for some modesty and elegance at the same time, to make you look gorgeous with an understatement.

Do you prefer a personality piece, one that helps you stand out from the crowd? Then we have just the item for you. The Onyx Bijoux Figaro Chain Necklace will steal the show, and draw all attention to you.

We offer more than half off the original price for this piece, which has onyx stones and sterling silver for the chain and links. At ten and a half inches in length, the necklace is best worn as a choker. It is perfect for a night out when paired with a classic evening dress.

If you prefer a brighter color, to add some fun to your life, then try the Bijoux Carnelian. Save more than a thousand dollars when you buy this necklace. It uses vibrant red faceted carnelian stones with an 18K gold bead and a silver chain with twisted facets.

When red is your color, you want to wear this one for special occasions. This is a long necklace at thirty-two inches, so it is better suited for informal outings. Wear to a nightclub or to your next holiday party. You will dazzle the room while this necklace drapes around your neck.

Another great conversation starter is the David Yurman Carved Cable Circle Pendant Necklace which uses 18K and sterling silver. A large pendant has twisted silver cables that reminds one of the oceans and seashells while encased in soft gold.

The chain is sixteen inches, which lends to a medium-sized necklace and it will last for years to come. Wear this pendant for both formal and informal occasions; it will go with business professional or casual. Pair with any wardrobe.

If you want to really splurge, this 14K necklace is a gift of gold for yourself or a loved one. The twisted cables connect an amethyst and two emeralds. It’s a great item to wear at a cocktail event when paired with a neutral or dark color outfit. Gleam at your next event and show off some flair.

The Joy of David Yurman Necklaces

David Yurman is a designer who takes inspiration from the world around us to integrate into various pieces. Each artisan observes elements outside from origami to horses and plays around with metals to get unique, playful pieces. The company works with experts in these fields to find a blend between the theme and standard jewelry practices.

When you buy David Yurman, you also buy a better future. The company supports philanthropic ventures to make the world brighter, which includes the conservation of endangered species. They want to ensure that customers can look fashionable while having the simple pleasures of life, from mother nature to modern art. Savor what the company does while wearing some of their necklaces.

Some David Yurman selections are online-only per their websites, specialty shops, and dealers. At Gray & Sons, however, we offer all of these items in-store as well. If you come to our shop, you can ask to see them in person. We want to make all of our wares accessible to those who want to look fabulous.

Find Your Chain Necklace At Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, our experts have spent years assembling a fine collection of vintage jewelry, watches, and pens. We like to gather pieces of history to sell to our customers. Each of our pieces is certified as authentic by in-house artisans and specialists. You receive genuine quality, at good prices.

Contact us today to find the pendant necklace of your choice, and to make your first offer. We will be very happy to give you more than a quick view of vintage jewelry, and what will make you look fabulous. Find rare pieces at high discounts and add some history to your wardrobe.