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Roberto Coin

Born in a Vicenza, a city aptly named The City of Gold, Roberto Coin was destined to be enchanted by the finer things in life from an early age. While the concepts and intriguing designs of his brand would not come about until 1996, the groundwork was being created by way of his fascination with Italian aesthetics and an appreciation for intricate textures. Driven by a vision of what luxury style should be, Roberto Coin introduced a new standard of elegance to the fine jewelry market with his sought-after creations. With our collection of pre-owned Roberto Coin jewelry, add the Italian luxury and elegance of this distinguished name to your personal collection today and experience the vision of this one of a kind designer firsthand. With a focus on intricate detailing and elements of texture balanced with contrast, our collection of used Roberto Coin jewelry is sure to excite your sense of style with just one look.

We offer a carefully cultivated selection of pre-owned Roberto Coin jewelry to add some extra elegance to your personal style. When looking at this collection, there are a few notable hallmarks of the designer which stand out almost immediately. The first is the beautiful use of texture throughout several of the creations which give the styles more depth and personality. Another notable aspect is the use of color which many comparable designers tend to lack. From the use of colorful topaz and quartz to the use of contrasting metal tones to add both depth and a new take on color in designer pieces, every selection offers something stunning to the eye. Aside from the obvious visual appeal of our used Roberto Coin jewelry pieces, the overall quality inherent in every creation is also a big draw for most collectors of fine accessories. With a focus on perfectly executed designs from the finest materials, every piece is a testament to the standards of this beloved designer. Add a new look to your collection today with these exceptional styles.

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