Tiffany & Co. Bracelets

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Tiffany & Co. has been crafting and selling the finest and most elegant jewels since 1837. At Gray & Sons, we are honored to continue their legacy by serving as the best and most reliable sources to acquire Tiffany jewelry. 

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Tiffany & Co. Bracelets

At Gray & Sons, we sell Tiffany bracelets below retail price, to make style and grace accessible to a wider audience. Make an offer or you can set up monthly payments with Affirm and pay as you go. Explore our Tiffany bracelet sale below. 

Tiffany Heart Bracelets 

Celebrate love with our Tiffany Heart bracelets. If you want to confess your love to a special someone, say it with fine Tiffany bracelets. Tiffany jewelry has been a symbol of the most romantic love stories for over 130 years. 

Wire Heart Bracelet In 18k Rose Gold

Rose Gold is feminine and emanates a feeling of tenderness. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Gift this Wire Heart Bracelet to your sweetheart. Show her she is the only one who has access to your heart and unlimited love because she holds the key. 

Find your fit. Refer to our measurement chart or use the ruler on the “Will It Fit?” box with dimensions to make sure the bangle is the appropriate size for your loved one. 

Vintage Tiffany Wire Heart Bracelet In 18k Gold

Let your loved one know that she has the key to your heart by gifting her with this bracelet in Rose Gold. This design is inspired by the Tiffany key collection launched in 2009 symbolizing hope. Tiffany designers stretched the key. so that it goes around your loved one’s wrist. This way, she can wear her heart on her sleeve. 

This heart bangle bracelet crafted in 18k gold is elegant and lighthearted. Perfect for adding a touch of poise and sophistication to any everyday outfit. Gift it to your loved one on her special day, Valentine’s Day, or as a spontaneous gesture of pure love. 

Elsa Peretti Full Heart Black Cuff

This cuff is an Elsa Peretti and Tiffany & Co. collaboration. Elsa Peretti has been designing Tiffany jewels since 1974. Her sculptural style and contemporary designs are a favorite amongst many. Peretti is known for creating jewels that can be worn every day. 

This black cuff is for the eclectic woman that enjoys avant-garde jewelry. Easily slips on and off to facilitate wear. Wear this Full Heart Black Cuff over your long sleeve shirts to give your outfit an edge. Love is transcendent, the bold architectural shape of this black heart cuff encompasses strength and courage it will inspire valiance in you.  

Used Tiffany And Co. Bracelets 

Tiffany Square Bracelet In Sterling Silver

The Tiffany T Bracelet is the new classic and a symbol of the new Tiffany era. This bracelet features the dynamic Tiffany T square in sterling silver in a size medium. Graphic angles and clean lines blend to create the beautiful clarity of the Tiffany T Collection. A bold yet elegant look, this is bracelet makes a statement. 

Etoile Pre-owned Platinum And Diamond Bangle

This etoile platinum bangle has an array of tiny diamonds that will graciously orbit your wrist. Approximately 0.30 carats total, this bangle is the pure definition of refinement and taste and a perfect example that less is in fact more. The diamonds will sparkle when it catches the light and the platinum backdrop will glisten when you move your wrist. 

Wear this diamond bangle on a special occasion, a night out to celebrate, or gift it to a special one to let them know they shine as bright as the stars do in the night. 

Tiffany Gold Bracelets 

Tiffany Gold Bracelets and cuffs are a timeless style. You can purchase with us today and pass down your precious jewelry to coming generations and they will still be able to sport it with the same elegance and grace that you do. 

Peretti Diamonds Bangle In 18k White Gold

6 diamonds delicately adorn the perimeters of this white gold in bangle form. Tiffany & Company’s dedicated efforts to responsibly source the precious materials and give back to the Earth and communities through grants and the Tiffany & Co. Foundation is admirable. No more guilty conscience when shopping for there is power in your purchase. 

0.54 carats total ornament this luxurious bangle. Goes well with the Tiffany T square rings and smile pendants hoop earrings. 

Vintage Etoile Bangle In 18k Gold And Platinum

The Etoile Bangle will be the final missing piece to complete your elegant outfit. Froth yourself with this precious bracelet and be the center of attention at any function. It will complement any earrings and bar necklaces. Versatile and adaptable this one’s a timeless beauty. 

Tiffany Peridot Bangle In 18k Yellow Gold

The Peridot bangle is crafted from 18k yellow gold and has two emerald gemstones on each extremity. Green, the color of healing and color widely used to represent nature will keep you grounded and focused on your path. 

Pair this bangle with Tiffany hoop earrings and bar necklace. Wear it for your best friend’s wedding in an elegant dress. The bold architectural lines will show people how strong you are and the green gemstones demonstrate that the good things in life are in the little details.  

Use our size guide to find the dimensions of the Peridot Bangle and discover if it is a good fit for you. 

Find Tiffany T Jewelry At Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, we are inspired by jewelers and top of the line watch specialists. We are always broadening our collection of jewelry pieces. We have the finest selection of jewelry, curated by experts and designers to only provide you with the best options on the market. 

We have standard US ring sizes and our bar necklaces are crafted responsibly. If you have a watch that is not working, send it to us and we will fix it plus, we give our clients complimentary shipping returns. Contact us if you have any questions, our friendly customer service team will assist you!