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Refer a Friend - Promotion rules and restrictions

Eligibility for the person being referred (the "Friend") & for the person who referred the Friend (the "Referral Source") to both receive the promotional Refer a Friend $200 store credit is based on the following:

  • The Friend must be a NEW customer of Gray & Sons ("G&S") AND purchase at least $1,000 of merchandise from G&S.
  • At time of sale, the Friend must present the Refer a Friend card or provide the Referral Source’s name, in order for G&S to apply the promotional Refer a Friend $200 store credit to both parties.
  • Store credit will be attributed to the Referral Source upon the expiration of any stated return policy.
  • The $200 store credit has no cash value and can only be applied toward purchases or repairs.
Refer a friend
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