Sterling Silver Kettle

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Sterling Silver Kettle

Sterling silver kettles may seem a bit over the top for the laymen, but for the admirers of antiquity, there is no better way to lavish in elegant kitchenware. Kettles have been the standard for centuries, and are still used today in more modern interpretations, but sterling silver kettles are more than just your average water boiler. They are a status symbol, and owning one shows that you appreciate the luxurious indulgences that life has to offer.

While sterling silver kettles can still be found in production today, nothing beats an original antique made by the biggest brands to ever produce fine sterling silver goods. Manufactures such as Towle, International, Wallace, Reed and Barton, Gorham, Tiffany & Co. Christofle Paris, Georg Jensen produced some of the finest sterling silver items including sterling silver kettles and we are proud to carry many of them at Gray & Sons.

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We are committed to preserving the history that is associated with all of our pre-owned luxury items. Every watch, every piece of jewelry, and even every sterling silver kettle has a story behind them that we strive to protect. If you’re in the market to buy a sterling silver kettle, rest assured that we have authenticated, evaluated, and rejuvenated our collection to look as new. We also purchase prized heirlooms, and give top dollar for those looking to sell or consign a sterling silver kettle. Call us today and one of our expert purchasing agents will assist you with the process of getting you one step closer to significant compensation.

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