Sterling Silver Tea Sets & Hollowware

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Sterling Silver Tea Sets & Hollowware

No luxurious communal setting is complete without a high quality sterling silver tea set and complementary hollowware as the center piece of the dinning ware. While sterling silver kitchenware in general was predominantly used by the older generations, they still to this day serve as a symbol of status and accomplishment. That is why you still see sterling silver tea sets and hollowware gifted as presents for weddings and other celebrations of major life events. For those who appreciate and revere antiques and the history that artifacts hold, chances are you understand the allure of owning your own sterling silver tea set. As with any antique, functionality and practicality are not considerations to make when purchasing a set. You seek the historical significance- the embodiment of a different era contained into a single, tangible relic.

When buying a sterling silver tea set or hollowware, you need to know what to look for in order to get a quality set worth displaying and passing down for generations to come. One elemental disadvantage of pure silver is that it is very soft, and therefore not suitable for many applications in its purest form. Silver needs to be mixed with other metal alloys in order to be workable and that’s why most instances of silver goods are mixed with copper. The more copper or other metal alloy present in the silver, the lower the quality the silver product is. One indicator to look for to determine whether a sterling silver tea set or hollowware is indeed a quality set, is to look for any discoloration. Lower-grade silver will tarnish faster than sterling silver and a slightly orange tint is what will give it away.

Sell or Consign Sterling Silver Tea Sets and Hollowware

Gray & Sons appreciates the elegance of antiquity, and therefore we are always looking to purchase pre-owned and used sterling silver tea sets and hollowware. We offer top dollar for classic brands such as Towle, International, Wallace, Reed and Barton, Gorham, Tiffany & Co. Christofle Paris, Georg Jensen, and many more makers of fine sterling silver products. Buy, sell or consign your beautiful sterling silver tea sets with Gray & Sons and watch us rejuvenate its prestige once more.

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