Watch Bands & Straps

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Watch Bands & Straps

Measuring the correct size bands and straps for your watch.

Download our Watch Band Selection Guide Measure Your Wrist Read more on our BLOG

Need help selecting the right band or strap for your watch? See our Watch Band and Strap Selection Guide by clicking on the download link above! We own all the straps listed on our website. We don't special order straps. To see if one of our straps will fit with your watch please measure your existing band to make sure it matches. The numbers in parentheses indicate the width in millimeters of the band - first at the lug end (where it attaches to the watch) and second at the buckle end (where it attaches to the buckle). In most cases we do not sell the buckles. The strap will only have the buckle included if it is in the picture. Otherwise we are selling the strap only. Most of the time you can use your existing buckle with the new strap. Your watch band will include a Gray & Sons Jewelers bag, precision tool for changing straps*, polishing cloth and stainless steel spring bars.

* Gray & Sons recommends that a master watchmaker install the watch band to assure it is correctly installed and that the spring bars are correct for your watch.

If you have any questions please contact us: [email protected]