Breitling Watch Bands & Straps

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Breitling watches - a class in itself and a brand that probably needs no introduction

Luxurious and reliable watches only from the Breitling company. This is not surprising, because Breitling watches and Breitling watch bands have for years become synonymous with luxury, wealth, and, above all, unusual class and style. Today, Breitling and chronometers such as Breitling Classic are a brand that needs no introduction to anyone who is even slightly interested in timepieces.

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Breitling Watch Bands & Straps

Measuring the correct size Breitling watch bands and straps for your watch

Over 130 years of the Breitling brand. From a small company to a hegemon

In 1884, Leon Breitling founded a workshop, which in time grew to a huge size. However, before this happened, the company went through a lot. Suffice it to write that in its history it dealt with not only the production of ordinary watches but also specialized chronometers for military pilots. Relationships of the Breitling brand with aviation are also visible today because the company has not departed from its roots.

However, chronometers created for everyday wear have brought the greatest recognition to the company. Although Breitling is not the oldest Swiss company that produces chronometers, it is this brand that comes to mind first when talking about luxury watches.

The prices of some of them can reach up to hundreds of thousands of zlotys, but in return, we get an almost flawless product. Breitling watches are the best way to feel like a million dollars.

Jubilee model with 4 types of Breitling watch bands

Almost 60 years ago - on May 24, 1962 - Breitling Navitimer set off into space aboard the Aurora 7 capsule. It was the first hand-held measuring instrument that was in orbit around Earth. To honor the 50th anniversary of this landmark event, Breitling has prepared a new version of the legendary timer.

  • Navitimer Cosmonaute AB021012/BB59/435X

It was created in a limited edition of 1962 copies.

The manufactory mechanism with over 70 hours of power reserve was developed and manufactured from scratch in Breitling studios. Caliber 02, certified by the Swiss Institute for Chronometer Testing (COSC), manual winding, high vibration frequency (28 800 fluctuations per hour), 39 stones, measurement with an accuracy of 1/4 second.

Also, the timer has a 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph dial, a date display, a steel envelope with a diameter of 43 mm, a ring with a logarithmic slide rotatable in two directions.

The 24-hour dial and manual winding are a double tribute to the original of 1962, which accompanied Scott Carpenter in flight into orbit. The chronograph counters and the black dial made of silver were covered with the refined "par épargne" method, which ensures an unmatched effect and excellent readability.

On the dial, in addition to the inscription commemorating the Aurora 7 mission, there is also a Celsius-Fahrenheit conversion scale - another detail that fits into the exclusive design of historic Navitimer models.

Breitling watch bands models

This amazing Breitling watch can be found in the version with four Breitling watch bands:

  • watch band in Barenia calf leather
  • watch band in crocodile leather version
  • watch band Air Racer (perforated) version
  • watch band Navitimer version

Breitling watch band types

You can make your luxury Breitling watch more attractive by changing its bands to a new one.

  • Rubber
  • Econyl fabric
  • Leather
  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel and gold

Did you know?

  • Army, planes, and church

The ingenuity of the employees of the company from La Chaux-de-Fonds was also appreciated by the Church, which at Breitling supplied itself with smart meters with a three-digit counting mechanism. Priests carried them in their pockets and with their help discreetly counted the faithful: each press of the button corresponding to one person praying.

  • Aircraft

Breitling's timepieces were so well known in the aviation industry that in the early 1950s, onboard chronographs manufactured at La Chaux-de-Fonds were already working in the cockpits of aircraft belonging to over 25 airlines, including United Air Lines, BOAC, Lockheed, Douglas, KLM, Vickers, and Air France.

  • With Bentley

Since 2002, Breitling watches have also decorated instrument panels on Bentley cars. It started with the Continental GT, the brand's most powerful coupé, and a year later Breitling first appeared as a sponsor for an over 600 horsepower car that won the iconic 24-hour Le Mans race. The cooperation of both companies continues. A special Breitling for Bentley watch collection was created.

Where to buy Breitling watch bands

Gray & Sons has been selling Breitling watch bands for over 40 years and have become one of the most recognizable in South Florida, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Brickell Ave., Sunny Isles, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and throughout the USA: New York, California, Texas.

The huge selection of the most popular Breitling watch bands has made us the most trusted jewelry and timepiece company.

Each of our Breitling watch bands can be purchased by credit card, cash, or as part of Affirm's monthly payment credit plans. Also, you can check your order status online on our website or by the phone.

Download our
Watch Band Selection Guide

Need help selecting the right band or strap for your Breitling watch? See our Watch Band and Strap Selection Guide by clicking on the download link above!

We own all the straps listed on our website. We don't special order straps. To see if one of our straps will fit with your Breitling watch please measure your existing band to make sure it matches. The numbers in parentheses indicate the width in millimeters of the band - first at the lug end (where it attaches to the watch) and second at the buckle end (where it attaches to the buckle).

In most cases we do not sell the buckles. The Breitling strap will only have the buckle included if it is in the picture. Otherwise we are selling the strap only. Most of the time you can use your existing buckle with the new strap.

Your Breitling watch band will include a Gray & Sons Jewelers bag, precision tool for changing straps*, polishing cloth and stainless steel spring bars.

* Gray & Sons recommends that a master watchmaker install the watch band to assure it is correctly installed and that the spring bars are correct for your Breitling watch. If you have any questions please contact us:[email protected]