Rolex Watch Bands & Straps

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Original Incredible Rolex watches and Rolex watch bands

Rolex watches Rolex was created by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905. For the first ten years, the brand operated under the name Wilsdorf & Davis. In 1915, Rolex officially registered the name Rolex. Since then, Rolex has been producing high-quality exclusive watches in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Rolex watches and Rolex watch bands are made of the finest materials and are assembled with the utmost attention to detail. Each element is designed, developed, and manufactured according to strict standards.

As a pioneer in the development of a wristwatch and Rolex watch bands, Rolex internally designs, develops, and manufactures all the basic elements of its watches, from gold alloy casting to machining, machining, assembly and finishing of the mechanism, case, dial, and bracelet.

The Rolex brand has many groundbreaking watchmaking innovations, as evidenced, among others, by over 400 patents filed since its inception. Rolex and Rolex watch bands are made in Switzerland thanks to the knowledge and commitment of over 6,000 employees in the company's four facilities equipped with the latest watchmaking technology.

Some Rolex watch bands were made in other countries, such as Venezuela because it was required by local law. However, they were made on original Rolex devices imported from Switzerland.


Rolex Watch Bands & Straps

Rolex Innovator

Rolex watches are at the forefront of innovation in watches and can be assigned to several major ranges in the history of watches. Rolex watches can include the following in their innovations, the first waterproof watch, the first watch that had a date dial, first the most durable Rolex watch bands. Rolex was also the first brand to receive a chronometer certificate from the independent company Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres.

Extreme Situations Require Extreme Rolex Watches and Rolex Watch Bands
After producing the first waterproof watch, Wilsdorf produced a special Rolex watch that could be attached to the "Bathyscaphe Trieste" submarine.

In 1960, when the ship plunged to a depth of 10,900m in the Marian Trench, Wilsdorf received a telegram from one of the captains on the boat: "I am happy to confirm that at 11,000 meters the watch is as precise as on the surface. Regards, Jacques Piccard".

Each of these watches had the original Rolex watch bands produced. Rolex bands were manufactured from the very beginning to withstand extreme situations.

Many Rolex watches such as Submariner or Sea-Dweller / Deap-Sea are manufactured to withstand immersion in the deep sea. Rolex sports models including GMT-Master II broke the originally designed on behalf of Pan Am Airways for the use of transatlantic pilots.

Rolex Watch Bands Models

Rolex watch bands are one of the most comfortable bands in the world. They are very unique and functional. Rolex watch bands are distinguished by their durability, elegant appearance, and amazing gloss.

Rolex only offers a few watch straps types including:

• Oyster Band

Oyster was first introduced by Rolex in the 1930s and is now one of the most popular types of bracelets.

The secret of success is high durability due to strong triple joining. It is extremely popular in the watch industry.

The Oyster band is excellent. It has three holes for micro regulation. The great solution is the mentioned Easylink, which allows extending the length of the bracelet by 5 mm, which is especially useful in summer when the wrist can swell a little.

Potential users of this model who intend to take great care of the watch during use should be warned that the Oyster bracelet has polished middle links and clasp.

• President

• Jubilee

This Rolex watch band has a semi-circular, five-part link design.

• Leather

Rolex watch bands have a unique number, which can only be seen when you remove the band from the watch case.

The last digit on the unique reference number means the type of material.

0 - Stainless Steel
1 - Yellow Gold Filled
2 - White Gold Filled or Stainless Steel & Platinum
3 - Stainless Steel & Yellow Gold
4 - Stainless Steel & White Gold
5 - Gold Shell or Pink Gold or Rose Gold
6 - Platinum
7 - 14k Yellow Gold
8 - 18k Yellow Gold
9 - 18k White Gold

Rolex - James Bond

In Bond - original Flemming novels about agent 007, James Bond always wore a Rolex watch. In nine of the twenty-two Bond films made so far, James Bond wore Rolex watches. The most classic Rolex watch in this context, the Rolex Submariner, is a Rolex Submariner with a date.

Rolex Ambassadors

Rolex has over seventy ambassadors, including artist Eric Clapton, golfer Jack Nicklaus, skier Hermann Maier and tennis player Roger Federer.

Best Place to buy Rolex Watch Bands

Are you looking for specific Rolex watch bands that are nowhere to be found? Perhaps this is a model that is no longer in production or a Rolex watch band that has been produced in limited quantities. 

Rolex watch bands' collections are updated and changed from time to time. Some models are limited so that only a few stores in the world have access to them. At Gray and Sons Jewelers you will find many used Rolex watch bands that are not available as new.

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Measuring the correct size Rolex bands and straps for your watch

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Watch Band Selection Guide

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rolex submariner leather strap We own all the Rolex straps listed. We don't special order straps. To see if one of our straps will fit with your Rolex watch please measure your existing band to make sure it matches. The numbers in parentheses indicate the width in millimeters of the band - first at the lug end (where it attaches to the watch) and second at the buckle end (where it attaches to the buckle).

In most cases we do not sell the buckles. The Rolex strap will only have the buckle included if it is in the picture. Otherwise we are selling the strap only. Most of the time you can use your existing buckle with the new strap.

Your Rolex watch band will include a Gray & Sons Jewelers bag, precision tool for changing straps*, polishing cloth and stainless steel spring bars.

* Gray & Sons recommends that a master watchmaker install the watch band to assure it is correctly installed and that the spring bars are correct for your Rolex watch.If you have any questions please contact us:[email protected]