From California to New York, secondhand shops are thriving better than ever. And is it really a wonder? In this shifting economy, shoppers are looking for value and  finding it in specialized “secondhand” stores. And, lucky for us, Gray & Sons is a specialized pre-owned luxury watch and estate jewelry store.

Gray & Sons has been a purveyor of the finest pre-owned timepieces for the past 33 years. To add our 2 cents to the “secondhand” movement, we’ve prepared the following 10 Reasons to Buy a Pre-Owned Watch.

Buy a pre-owned watch:

#1 As a means to save thousands of dollars while getting the value of a new equivalent. There is growing value in older watches as watch collectors already know.

#2 Because sometimes older models are made with better parts, more creativity, and maybe even a little more love than the latest and greatest.

#3 Because no one will be able to tell.

#4 To find rare and limited edition timepieces.

#5 To get an incredible warranty – at least if you buy it from us!

You should also buy a pre-owned watch:

#6 To have something to pass on to the next generation, as Patek Philippe always says.

#7 Because the watch has just received a complete overhaul and detail – again, that is if you buy it from us!

#8 Because the fun is in the hunt.

#9 Because they were built to pass the test of time.

And last but not least

#10 In the words of the Watch Snob: “Would you forego a vintage Patek Perpetual Calendar Chronograph because someone else had it on their wrist before you?” My friend, “used” watches are the ones worth owning! What fun is it walking into Tourneau and buying a watch off the shelf? You want to hunt and gather, research and bargain.”


And a great place to research and do some bargaining is Gray & Sons Jewelers- Fine Watch & Jewelry Specialists.