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Ladies Rolex Watch
Ladies Rolex Watch

Whether you’re looking for a ladies Rolex watch for yourself or as a gift, here’s an awesome list of some of our favorites, so that you can sport luxurious and powerful status symbols. Telling the time also becomes fashionable, especially in the middle of a busy city.

Women like wearing men’s watches as a power status. Men would traditionally wear the watch to show that they could earn enough income to wear a Rolex on a regular basis. Rolex, in particular, is known for its watches’ large faces and intricate gears. We like how they stand out and make a positive impression on society.

When the company realized that women were fans of the watch, they started making specific product lines for this target market. Straps adjusted for the difference in wrist size, and to add more ornamentation. Switching gears paid off, for both Rolex and its customers.

From under $4,000 to just below $14,000, here are five ladies’ Rolex watches to suit a range of budgets. They make great gifts for the corporate woman in your life, a lady starting the entry-level life, or law or business school graduate that plans to impact their field of choice, and not just magnetic fields.

You won’t have to spend a paycheck to get just one of these models. Get a great deal on our recommendations, and see which watch is right for you. Also, check our warranty statuses so that you can get repairs on your Rolex for months or a year. We want to keep your watch ticking and have the tools on hand to help.

Ladies Rolex Watch under $4,000

We start our ladies’ Rolex watches roundup with an Oyster Perpetual. But not just any Rolex OP, but an Oyster Perpetual ref. 67180 with a super cool Explorer-style dial, characterized by the 3, 6, and 9 numerals. The sporty style of this women’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual includes a steel 25mm case, a matching steel Oyster bracelet, and plenty of lume on the Arabic black dial. Get this understated everyday luxury watch and store in the stainless steel case.

Ladies Rolex Watch: Oyster Perpetual 67180
Ladies Rolex Watch: Oyster Perpetual 67180

Women love the brand for its versatility. Oyster Perpetual watches live up to the “perpetual” part by having wristwatches for every occasion. Rolex released the brand in 1926 and has updated it since. They’re also long-lasting, waterproof, and timeless; you can wear them with every outfit.

If you want to go deep diving, it can tolerate 100 meters. When you want to navigate the treacherous waters of the corporate world, it will keep the time for you and provide aesthetic assistance. What’s more, it will last for a long time and Rolex will do the necessary maintenance if you wish, so when you feel ready you can pass it on to the next generation.

Looks aside, like most ladies’ Rolex watches, this Oyster Perpetual ref. 67180 runs on an automatic movement rather than a quartz caliber that’s typically found inside a women’s luxury watch. Quartz is reliable, but here the automatic option is more unique.

Ladies Rolex Watch under $5,000

Rolex calls their Datejust line the transcendent “classic watch of reference” on their official site, and we can see why. The watch is designed to go with any fashion style regardless of the time period. Whether you want to emulate the 1920s flapper with their spats or rock the 2010s monochromatic tuxedo jackets, the Datejust will always match.

Ladies Rolex Watch: Yellow Gold Datejust 6917
Ladies Rolex Watch: Yellow Gold Datejust 6917

For just under $5,000, comes a fantastic 1988 women’s Rolex dress watch. Not only is the vintage Rolex Datejust 69173 crafted in 18k yellow gold and stainless steel, but it also has the added practicality of a date window at 3 o’clock. The watch also comes with an automatic dial and a champagne stick. Gold and steel combine with the strap for the trademark Rolesor material.

Plus, there’s the Cyclops magnification lens on the exterior of the crystal, which makes reading the date easier. Also on the classic champagne dial are the 18k gold stick hour markers and center hands. You will have a complementary palette to go with your next business suit or cocktail dress. What’s more, you will look timeless and fashionable, and a model of perfection.

Ladies Rolex Watch under $6,000

You may want more color in your Rolex. Gold and stainless steel are classic, but it never hurts to spice it up with some different colors. We believe that blue is a reliable standby as part of a neutral wardrobe.

Ladies Rolex Watch: Yacht-Master 169623
Ladies Rolex Watch: Yacht-Master 169623

For a sporty, yet luxurious ladies’ Rolex watch, there’s the beautiful two-tone Yacht-Master ref. 169623. Fashioned from robust stainless steel and precious yellow gold, this women’s Yacht-Master watch looks fabulous. What’s more, there’s also the sunburst blue dial that adds plenty of vibrancy to this luxury sports watch. The dial houses the signature round hour markers and Mercedes-style hands found on most Rolex sports watches, along with the date window at 3 o’clock.

Rolex calls the Yacht-Master “the Regatta watch”. A mechanical wonder, the product line is meant to assist skippers on luxury boats and cruises so they can keep time while watching the currents. You don’t need a boat to enjoy this watch, however, just a desire to navigate your life. Use the countdown for any occasion when you need to complete a task quickly.

Identical to all Yacht-Master watches, the Rolex ref. 169623 has a rotating bezel with raised numerals, which can be used to measure elapsed time. For instance, if you align the inverted triangle on the bezel with the minute’s hand on the dial at the start of an event, you can then track how long it takes for the event to complete.

Ladies Rolex Watch under $9,000

For a lady’s diamond Rolex watch, look no further than this gorgeous women’s Rolex Datejust ref. 6927. It measures at 26mm and is a smaller, slimmer option with an estimated 1982 date. Flaunting a custom silver dial with diamond hour markers, along with the famous Presidential bracelet in 18k yellow gold, this is one ultra-prestigious ladies watch that wears like a piece of jewelry. Enjoy the round case back as well.

As we mentioned, Datejust is made to go with any outfit. Diamonds only add luxury to the style and versatility. Hiring a jeweler to add diamonds to a luxury watch can lower its value, so Rolex adds the stones ahead of time to make sure your model remains precious. They also authenticate every diamond installed so you can verify the value.

Ladies Rolex Watch: Datejust Presidential ref. 6927
Ladies Rolex Watch: Datejust Presidential ref. 6927

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we think this slim watch is great for date night. If you need to check the time, you can do so discreetly while showing that you have style. You will make a fabulous first impression with the right attitude. For the work office, this watch will show that you mean business, and that you are here to help everyone rise to the top.

Topping the 26mm yellow gold Oyster case of this women’s Rolex President is a yellow gold fluted bezel for an additional dressy touch. Wear at your next cocktail party or networking event to add some sparkle to your business suit. A ladies’ Datejust is designed for elegance and status, as well as comfort. You will feel at ease while donning this model on your wrist.

Ladies Rolex Watch under $14,000

Now, if it’s more diamonds that you want, then here’s a ladies Rolex with even more gleaming gems. The Datejust ref. 69138 is also a ladies’ Rolex Presidental thanks to the popular President band it comes with, and it heralds from 1995. This time, along with the diamond dial, there’s also the lavish factory diamond-set bezel on the 26mm Oyster case.

Ladies Rolex Watch: Datejust 69138
Ladies Rolex Watch: Datejust 69138

The rich black factory dial shines bright with ten diamond hour markers while the bezel boasts 40 brilliant diamonds. A simply stunning automatic women’s Rolex timepiece that provides a deft contrast to others.

Find Your Ideal Rolex Model At Gray & Sons

If you’re in the market for a gently used women’s luxury watch, don’t miss our fantastic lineup of timepieces that range from simple to sporty to lavish. Our options vary so that you can get a Rolex from the time period you desire, from the 1980s to the 2010s.

At Gray & Sons, we carry an impressive collection of pre-owned ladies’ Rolex watches, GMT Master, and other brands as well. We buy, resell, and repair. Our in-house Swiss experts will verify all jewelry, luxury pens and so forth as genuine. You will know our Rolex designs are authentic.

Reach out to us today to make an offer and find your pre-owned Rolex. Your outfit will be completed with a luxury watch, and we are always happy to provide the white gold or stainless steel that you need.