7 Hints To Buy Your Engagement Ring Online

ARTICLE DATE 05/31/2019

Your hunt for the perfect diamond ring has begun! The moment is here to find that one of a kind buy to give to your eternal love. You would think it would be an exciting process, right? However, this is a very personal journey and only the right fit will leave you truly satisfied. But how personal can online shopping really be? The right online jeweler will be as committed as you are to find that perfect fit. This may be hard to come by but it all depends on how you approach the search. It is all about the integrity within the company itself that makes the experience a memorable one.

1. Look for a reputable jeweler

Online shopping can be a hit or miss and when dealing with what very may be the most important purchase you make, the worry of what can go wrong tends to become quite daunting. Highly reputable dealers are the more desired choice of course; someone who has the experience and can provide better quality diamond rings like GIA certified diamond rings. You might want to ask, “well then, what makes them more reputable?” The right online jeweler knows how imperative execution in delivery is. The purchase only goes so far once finalized through the web. As you bite your nails frantically awaiting the package and hoping it mirrors the online description. A reputable jeweler will be open to any questions and concerns about the stone and will ensure proper arrival. They will work with reliable companies like FedEx and USPS to have your diamond ring shipped the safest and most secure way and ease the worry of a lost item.

2. Check their policies

The return policy is the key to learning how professional a jewelry store is. Highly rated estate jewelers provide a no questions asked return policy relieving the agony of any issues that may arise in the case of a disappointed or dissatisfied customer. They do not attempt to charge you extra for any return shipping of the product either. Both are important to keep in mind when looking over the policy contract. At Gray and Sons Jewelers we have a 10 day NO questions asked return policy, which gives our buyers peace of mind that they will be 100% satisfied with their purchase.

3. Feel free to check their customer reviews

It is always a good idea to check a company’s reviews. There should be an array of dates and authentic sounding responses to their purchase. It may be a tedious process but thoroughly look over the reviews and evaluate the probability that they are trustworthy based on the overall satisfaction of a company’s client history. Reviews are everything; don’t just look at their star rating but also take a glance at how many have left a review. A great jeweler will have over 150 reviews and still have a rating of 4 stars and above.

4. Jewelry education

A reputable company cares about their diamonds and the gratitude for an honorable trade with their clients. They should have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who allows for a more personalized and comforting online experience. Because certain jewelry stores desire to be the best, they will provide you with a diamond specialist who will guide you through the diamond grading scale. Cut, symmetry, and polish all come into play on a grade scale from poor to excellent. A GIA certified diamond ring is very valuable in the jewelry world because GIA certified diamonds make it a lot easier for buyers and sellers.

5. Pricing and payment

When it comes to final pricing many quality companies can base their prices on the brand name. For instance, just about everyone would love to say “It’s from Tiffany’s” at some point in their life, right? Famous companies like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, etc are well known for their vast variety of diamond rings based on cut, design, and often the present trends. Now, reputable estate jewelers like Gray & Sons can do just the same. No more store to store hopping necessary just to find that right customer service. Gray and Sons will listen to your needs and guide you in finding exactly what you desire. Not only can Gray and Sons offer a personalized search process, but the same quality diamonds you will find at any number of respectable jewelry companies will be offered at a reduced price. How can they afford to do that you might wonder? Well, it’s because Gray and Sons buy their diamonds directly from the public and send them to New York to get re-cut and GIA certified.  Gray and Sons can make their profit while maintaining the quality of their products by not dealing with any auction houses and going directly to the customer. This allows them to give the customers a great quality diamond for up to 30 percent less than other jeweler prices.

Estate Jewelers like Gray and Son value quality over quantity. While the inventory of such online jewelers might not be quite as deep as some of these in-person brand name jewelers, the diamonds they do have in stock will save you money. Just think about it. Let’s say you have an investment of $10,000; if you buy directly from an estate jeweler that buys directly from the public then you could save up to $3,000 as opposed to a new jewelry store who will charge you for trade and search fees which you can never quite be sure is at a fair price.

Payment methods are an important aspect to consider as well. Of course, paying through bank wire or check will offer the best discounts, but what if you want to pay another way? Perhaps you want to use a major credit card, PayPal, or even Bitcoin in today’s society. Gray and Sons Jewelers take all these payment methods to better assist their clients and alleviate any last-minute transaction anxiety.

6. Find trusted sources with experience

A source is only as trustworthy as its warranty. Only certain trusted sources such as the Blue Nile, Gray and Sons Jewelers, and Rare Carat can ensure quality before pricing. This goes beyond just the purchase, but furthermore, you will be provided with a 100% money back return policy from famous estate jewelers like Gray & Sons. Such companies assure there is always a diamond specialist available to you, who will guide you through the course of finding your desired diamond. Also, check the online jeweler’s Better Business Bureau rating: Gray & Sons Jewelers BBB Rating?

7. The Purchased Diamond Ring

This ring marks the promise for forever with the one you love. The quality of the product should mirror that virtue should it not? Hence, searching for the right reputable jewelry specialist is half the battle right there to find the perfect fit for your significant other. It is imperative that you find a jeweler you can trust and cares about their client’s happiness. The diamond ring you purchase should have met and exceeded all your expectations.

Final Verdict

You’re here. You are in love and ready to take the leap with that special person. Don’t allow your nerves to get the best of you in this exciting moment. There are companies out there like Gray and Sons Jewelers with people who care and who will invest their time with you to find the one fit that is right for you. Their return policy and ratings are one to be reckoned with. You can achieve your goal and make your partner feel fulfilled with this experience right from the comfort of your own home; no rush no fuss. Gray and Sons will take the time to guide you in the direction you want to go and will also better inform you as to what cuts, color, and clarity are on the grading scale and guide you to make an educated decision together. With Gray and Sons, you are not alone on this journey and the adventure is only as satisfying to them as the finalized purchase will be to you. Contact us today and lets us help you find that perfect diamond ring!