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We know, we understand; you’ve been eyeing a very special luxury watch that you just, must add to your collection. As fellow watch fans, we get the feeling all too well — there’s always “just one more” that needs to be had. And we’re here to tell you, it’s okay — go ahead and treat yourself to the one gift you really want this year.

Buy Yourself Luxury Watch

Should you have a naysayer in your life who doesn’t understand why you absolutely must have yet another high-end timepiece, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of solid reasons you can use to justify the purchase. You’re welcome!

It’s For The Kids

Unlike all the latest gadgets and tech toys, a luxury mechanical watch can last indefinitely if properly cared for. They are self-dependent machines powered by centuries-old technology that will continue to run without fear of becoming obsolete because of a lack of a critical update. Which brings us to a great reason to buy a high-end timepiece — it’s not just for you, but for the kids too.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 5036
A luxury watch makes a fantastic family heirloom

A mechanical timepiece, particularly from top watchmakers such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, OMEGA, Audemars Piguet, and so on, is a wonderful family heirloom that can be enjoyed by many generations. So, buying a premium mechanical watch for yourself can, in fact, be the start of a beautiful family tradition.

It’s Practical…and Beautiful

Yes, technology has given us plenty of other ways to keep track of the time, however, without battery power or electricity, technology is rendered useless. A mechanical watch, on the other hand, only needs a quick windup (whether manually with a few turns of the winding crown or automatically via the motion of your wrist) to keep ticking along. Phone ran out of juice? Computer won’t turn on? No worries, you still have your trusty timepiece strapped to your wrist to save the day.

Two time zones? No problem

Moreover, while wearable tech and smartwatches are all the rage right now, mechanical watches have been “smart” for much, much longer. In addition to more simple functions such as time and date indicators, there are some ultra impressive and practical watch complications out there to choose from.

For instance, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox is equipped with an alarm function to gently wake you in the mornings. The Rolex GMT-Master can help you keep track of two different time zones with a simple glance of your watch so you can always be on time for Zoom calls in another city. Or, if you need to keep track of even more time zones, a world time watch can indicate 24 time zones simultaneously.

24 time zones? Here you go

A chronograph gives you the option to time any event, whether an exciting car race or the prime rib cooking in the oven. What about a perpetual calendar, which will correctly tell you the time, day, date, and month taking into consideration leap years so you never have to manually adjust the date yourself? Alternatively, if you are more of a stargazer but can’t get outside enough, a moonphase watch displays the lunar cycles right on your wrist.

What is a chronograph watch?
Chronographs are built to time events

Not only do these mechanical marvels do (almost) everything, but they look pretty damn good doing it too.

You Deserve It

You work hard, you want something awesome to show for it. Enough said.

It’s A Pre-Owned Luxury Watch, So I Basically Saved Money

If you really want to make an iron-clad case for buying yourself a luxury watch this holiday season, shopping pre-owned watches will score you some big points. After all, depending on the watch, you can save yourself plenty of money with a pre-owned timepiece compared to picking one up at retail.

Look to a pre-owned luxury watch for savings

However, if you actually have to pay more than retail in the secondary market due to scarce demand (for instance, select sports watches from the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet), look at it as a long term investment that may just turn out to offer a solid return-on-investment in the future.

“I’ll Get You A Luxury Watch Too!”

Here’s the real kicker. If you want to buy yourself a high-end timepiece, the easiest way to go about it is to buy your significant other one too. And if you’re lucky enough, they will get into watches as well, so you can share a passion for luxury watches together.

Get them one too – that way everyone is happy

There are so many fantastic top timepieces out there, it’s just a matter of choosing one that you think will suit them best.