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If you’re the kind of person that tries to keep up with watch industry news, you’ve probably been inundated by watch auction propaganda at one point or another. It’s a romantic idea surrounded by stories of rare pieces, one-of-a-kind opportunities, and stratospheric prices that often overshadow the true merit of the watches being sold. Overall, the average buyer has no chance of connecting with big watch auctions and we’re not afraid of saying it.

Luxury watch auctions

Sure, you can admire rare Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronographs and an albino Daytona from afar, but is an over-hyped auction really something you have the time and effort to involve yourself with? Auction fees, price hikes, proxy bidding, and unnecessary hassle aren’t things you need to take part in when shopping for your next special purchase. We’re here to tell you that in the end, independent retailers are still the best option when it comes to buying your next big wristwatch purchase.

When you choose to participate in a watch auction, you really end up paying for the experience. Whether it’s in the form of ancillary fees or huge amounts of dedicated time, the average watch buyer and collector can find themselves crippled and exhausted when it comes to big name watch auctions. This is especially true when massive buyer’s premiums get tacked onto the final bid – makes you think twice about whether or not you actually got a great deal. With more and more auctions like the Phillips November sale coming up you really have to ask yourself – is it worth it?

Vintage Rolex Daytona at Gray & Sons
Vintage Rolex Daytona available at Gray & Sons

In most cases, for the average consumer, the answer is no. The casual buyer wants nothing to do with it, doesn’t have the time, and would be better off spending the cash that would otherwise be wasted at an overhyped auction, on one heck of a nice timepiece. Time and time again those pieces can be found at high quality, time-tested, and reputable independent retailers like Gray & Sons. We’ve seen everything from the toughest vintage Rolex Submariners to the most highly complicated minute repeaters, come through our doors. To put simply, we offer the kind of guidance and hands-on service that you just don’t get at auctions.

Ultimately the choice is yours but if you want an experience that is truly personalized, stick with the tried and true resource and have faith in your trusted independent retailers. In the end, your purchase should be special and free from the highly glamorized world of auctions. Remember, Gray & Sons has been offering some of the finest timepieces available for decades without the auction premium price tag. On top of it all, we offer superlative service and a buying experience that can’t be beat.