Vintage Benrus classic gold fill watch 1920
Vintage Benrus classic gold fill watch 1920

If you’re planning to buy a luxury timepiece, a Benrus watch could be ideal. Benrus is among the most popular brands in the world. They carry a good reputation for creating stunning watches. Benrus timepieces encompass exclusivity and timelessness. As well as being worn by famous and wealthy, they’re preferred by people throughout the world. The brand produces luxury timepieces that honor its American heritage. Benrus looks forward to the future with special edition reissues and innovative designs.

Why buy a Benrus watch?

Today, you can find numerous watch brands on the market. So, you’ve access to a wide variety. However, not all brands can meet your expectations on all aspects. Some companies may match a specific need, but they might lag on various other points. You want a company you could depend on for your choice from all perspectives. That’s where the Benrus watch group comes into the picture. Let’s figure out the appealing perks of buying these luxury watches.

Caring founders

The Benrus Group is a prestigious luxury watch brand. The company was started by Benjamin Lazrus and his two brothers. They formed a repair shop in 1921 in New York, which subsequently transformed into a mega brand over the years. Benrus luxury watches are extremely famous for quality and unique designs. Since the brand started as a repairing shop, the founding members knew the issues any watch owner faces with the timepiece. So, they put in dedicated efforts to craft watches that pose little to no problems to the owner.

Budget prices

Benrus luxury watches are extremely popular with folks who wish to possess a popular timepiece but don’t have enough money to get one. The company recently came up with various new collections of timepieces that carry innovative features and are highly fashionable. The company has a wider range of watches for males and females. Some of the latest Benrus models feature a dial that you can use as a computer clock or a cell phone. The options are virtually endless. So, you can find an ideal one matching your specific features without denting your wallet.

Water proof

There’s an entire range of watches that carry the functionality of being waterproof. So, if you’re planning a trip to a water kingdom, don’t worry about putting your timepiece elsewhere. You can definitely get in the water and try some of the popular sports thereon, putting your preferred Benrus watch on your wrist. Not just that, day to day activities involving water will not impact the functioning of your watch. Whether you accidentally drop the watch in a washbasin or a bathtub, rest assured the piece won’t get damaged. Just take it out from the water and clean its surface with a cotton cloth. Within moments, your watch is free of water and ready for you.


Of course, you want a brand that provides you access to a huge assortment. Although most luxury brands offer a wider range, many of them miss out on one or the other aspect. As a buyer, you may want the best watch that can meet your requirements from all angles. A Benrus watch comes in an array of colors and designs. Whether you prefer a traditionally designed piece or a contemporary model, the brand has got you covered. In addition to this, you can find these watches in varying shapes and sizes to fit the wrist size of all.


The brand has been on the market for many decades. During this period, the company had various breakthroughs both in technology and design. Those innovative designs have raised the bar for this popular company to create luxury that was only attainable by folks who owned diamond and gold timepieces. Over the past few decades, the brand has become synonymous with reputation, exclusivity, and benchmark in terms of craftsmanship, quality, and prestige.

Concluding words

Picking a luxury timepiece can be a real challenge, thanks to various options out there. However, you may ease your hassles by counting on the Benrus watch group. Their watches carry a slew of features mentioned above. Just ensure you buy the piece from a trusted outlet.