When considering leaders within the world of luxury timepieces, chances are Breitling Watches are one of the first brands that comes to mind. First founded in 1884, this watchmaking powerhouse quickly made a name for itself as a leader in technology and innovation within the field, maintaining this renowned status to this very day. With iconic models such as the classic Breitling Chronomat and the timeless Breitling Navitimer, Breitling has continued to introduce amazing innovations to the market again and again.

While Breitling has certainly made a name for itself around the amazing precision and technological advancements within their pieces, this brand is also beloved for its dedication to eco-friendly practices within their watchmaking processes. They have publicly maintained a goal to minimize both their social and environmental impact on the world and have established processes and organizations to help both their company and others along in the sustainability journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about Breitling’s mission to move towards sustainability and its impact on its iconic collections, we’re happy to help. Keep reading to discover a quick overview of the steps Breitling is taking towards establishing their brand and their watchmaking process as eco-friendly and socially conscious.

A Journey Through Transparency

Instead of hiding their journey to sustainability behind closed doors and fancy presentations, Breitling has done the unthinkable – they have created a fully transparent process. In fact, they are offering publicly visible reporting on each step that they are taking towards sustainability, focusing on being as transparent as possible as they implement changes and move towards their goals. While this is not entirely unheard of, they are taking the further step of reporting back to the Carbon Disclosure Project on an annual basis to ensure that they are following through on their goals and making the journey towards sustainability appropriately.

Creating a Positive Impact Throughout the Process

Rather than simply focusing on one part of the watchmaking process, Breitling has focused on overhauling each step from start to finish to minimize their social and environmental impact on the world. Furthermore, they’ve extended their call to action to suppliers, encouraging them to join on this journey and increase their sustainability standards.

A Key Milestone in this journey was the introduction of Small-Scale Gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds into their Creations. Rather than supporting industries that traditionally have taken advantage of men, women, and children worldwide, Breitling has focused on finding more ethical methods of sourcing the premium materials that go into making their luxury watches.

Another small yet significant step in this movement towards positive impact was the adoption of upcycled packaging. The packaging in use now is not only 100% recyclable but also created in line with gold standards within the industry. Remarkably, this packaging was awarded with the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution label— a rare honor that rewards sustainability within packaging design. This label remains the the sole assessment that validates the environmental protection available to this day that “certifies the economic profitability of products and processes” according to the Solar Impulse Foundation. This process is completed by a pool of independent experts, ensuring an unbiased view of economic sustainability.

On top of its focus on creating upcycled packaging, Breitling has also implemented a partnership with Outerknown, an organization renowned around the world for its commitment to sustainability. With this partnership, Breitling and Outerknown are working together to create better, more eco-friendly watch straps with a focus on sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

Ongoing Work to Support the Surfrider Foundation and SUGi

In addition to their dedication to sustainability within their own practices, Breitling has also reached out to expand their impact through supporting a variety of foundations. One such charitable endeavor involves the ongoing support of the Surfrider Foundation. Founded in 1984, this California-based organization is passionately dedicated to the preservation of coastal areas and the pursuit of a clearer, healthier ocean.

Another foundation supported by Breitling is known as SUGi. This unique organization supports the creation of forests around the world via the proven Miyawaki Method. Through their work, they offer a sustainable, scalable, and successful framework to address ecosystem loss while providing employment opportunities for indigenous communities in the countries that they support.

A third foundation that Breitling actively supports is known as Qubeka. This charitable organization is focused on providing transportation to communities in need across Africa through bicycles. Individuals can earn these bicycles through participating in community programs, further building internal communities while also providing them with much-needed access to the world around them.

In addition to these three renowned foundations, Breitling is also committed to providing support for its employees from all angles. Not only do they provide equal pay and offer a high level of inclusivity, but they also offer opportunities for coaching, training, and volunteering to all of their employees. In fact, they have been recognized as a Top-10 employer within Sweden due to these practices and more.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Breitling Watches, and their dedication to the environment. Always a leader in adapting new technology, techniques, and processes, Breitling is again leading the way within the world of sustainability. With a focus on creating a positive impact on the world throughout their process and ongoing work with a variety of charitable organizations, they are setting themselves up for success in becoming the world’s most eco-friendly luxury watchmaking houses. By purchasing a new or pre-owned Breitling watch, you can add a piece of this iconic brand to your personal collection and support them along their journey towards sustainability.

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