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Cartier: the enterprise of reference when it comes to jewelry

Cartier is a popular, well known jewelry brand: ask any aficionado about them and they will tell you about the beauty of their designs. Founded by Louis Cartier in Paris in the year 1847, the company stayed as a small, familial company until 20 years later, when the Swiss Richemont group bought it. After that, the brand skyrocketed to fame and became perhaps one of the most famous, well known brands when it comes to jewelry. The beauty, elegance and sleekness of their designs combined with the high quality of their pieces and their carefully sourced materials make Cartier jewelry very valuable and sought after by collectors and fans of the brand alike: a Cartier ring won’t lose its value even after many decades.

Cartier men‘s rings: a popular piece

Cartier produces jewelry for both genders, and both Cartier’s women’s rings and Cartier men’s rings are very popular. That can make them somewhat rare to find, especially those models that had a small production run. Rings such as the “Cartier Love” in rose gold or the “Cartier Black and White Diamonds” in white gold are so rare that they have attained iconic status amongst collectors!

Gray and Sons: your go to for rare jewelry

Luckily, here at Gray and Sons we spend a lot of time, money and effort searching the rarest, most unusual pieces for the convenience of our clients: a quick look across our catalog will show you plenty of Cartier mens rings, including extremely rare ones. It doesn’t matter what you are searching for: antique, vintage or modern jewelry, pre owned or new, made out of gold, silver or steel we carry something to satisfy even the most refined tastes. We can guarantee you will find a piece that fits your tastes so well, it will be almost like if it was carefully tailored for you!

The variety of our pieces is not the only thing we can take pride on: all of our pieces are carefully taken care of, restored and repaired to an almost original state. Our 6 in-house Swiss Trained Master Jewelers and Watchmakers put all their means forwards to keep our pieces as beautiful as when they were new. You won’t find a single scratch in any of our pieces, which are all original and certified. All in all, if you are looking for a fine piece of jewelry, Gray and Sons is your go to !