Chopard Watch Repair at Gray & Sons – Photo Essay

ARTICLE DATE 09/17/2013

Chopard Watch Repair at Gray & Sons – Photo Essay

Gray & Sons Jewelers is known around the world for factory-quality watch repairs at fair prices and quick turnaround time. This year we completed an Audemars Watch Repair on a Royal Oak Tourbillon. Compared to Audemars Piguet’s estimate for the same repair, ours was completed at a fraction of the cost and in just 2 months versus the one-year that Audemars Piguet quoted to complete the repair (if you want to know the exact figures, drop us a line in the comments!).

This year Chopard rose to be one of our top selling brands and we also received an increased number of Chopard watch repair requests for watches outside our shop. One such watch was this Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL

The watch arrived with a cracked glass and water had entered the movement.

The movement had suffered oxidation.

Osvaldo disassembled the watch, placed the pieces in an acid solution, and then used modern techniques to remove the rust from all pieces as well as the dial. chopard watch parts

Osvaldo then cleaned, polished, and oiled all of the individual parts.

Afterwards he reassembled and re-cased the watch, leaving it looking good as new.

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