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Loud designs and seasonal trends are one thing, but choosing jewelry for the workplace is something that can’t be overlooked. You want to make sure that you get as much mileage as you can out of your jewelry during those long hours at the office. That kind of versatility is also a plus considering how expensive this kind of jewelry can get. Above all, these accessories should match well with your workplace culture and shouldn’t draw as much attention as some of the more casual pieces. That doesn’t mean that office-appropriate jewelry can’t be expressive though! Here are some choices for smart, office-appropriate jewelry.

Stylish Cuffs

Simple metal cuffs can be a great choice for the workplace. If they aren’t too bulky, they can easily pair with business-casual attire and last you throughout the day without being uncomfortable. Cuffs can even work if you find yourself at the computer typing for most of the day. Best part? Neutral color tones and simple decorations can also result in cuffs that shine just as well after 5 o’clock.

Large Studs

Large, dangling earrings certainly have their place, but they rarely seem to fit in the workplace. Instead, opt for bold large studs that match well with your outfit. Experiment with different stones, decorations, and materials as well. Clustered arrangements can also work and large studs can be one of the most expressive accessories that are also appropriate of the office.

Elaborate Cufflinks

Not long ago, we explored just how well cufflinks can work for women. They’re an elegant way to dress up outfits that would otherwise be too bland or neutral. A wide range of designs means that you can keep several in your collection and rotate them with your wardrobe. Some people even amass large collections of cufflinks so that they can always have a new, expressive look day after day.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver can work wonders when it comes to making your work outfit pop. Choosing basic necklaces and sets of plain bracelets can be the best place to start. Sterling silver jewelry fits easily with almost anything and that includes workplace attire. Don’t be afraid to pair it with some of the more eccentric options we mentioned too! It’s an understated choice that really fits in well with most wardrobes.

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