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Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s watch and noticed the way it makes you feel? That feeling you get when you catch a glimpse of your boss’ shiny new Rolex during a Monday morning meeting and your posture stiffens. Or even when you see a picture of a beautiful woman elegantly sporting her Cartier Panthere watch and think, “Wow…she must come from a nice family.” We are all guilty of feeling that envious sensation, but by no means should we feel guilty for having that response. This is precisely what luxury watches were made for. A quality timepiece makes a statement and its wrist presence naturally evokes that luring sense of intrigue and envy.


Whether you are contemplating your first luxury watch purchase or just adding to your collection, there are many things to consider beyond the prestige. Price is always a consideration but you have to remember that some watch brands will only appreciate with time, so it truly can be an investment. Furthermore, there is always the option to buy authentic pre-owned watches and taking that route should save you a significant amount of money. In the end, the most important thing to remember is that you want the watch to be an extension of yourself.

Brand Ideas For First Time Watch Buyers
Brand Ideas For First Time Watch Buyers

Following the notion that a watch is merely a reflection of your individuality, comes matching a luxury watch to a certain style. Are you the sporty type, or perhaps a little more refined? To those already interested in watch buying, there are many options to expand and differentiate your watch collection. For new buyers, versatility is key. Once you feel the glamour of a timepiece, you’ll want to wear it as often as possible. If you’re going for a watch with ‘show’ factor but is also known for its reliability, Rolex is always a great first buy. They are timeless, and that is evident by their unyielding popularity and unmatched resell value. The quality of a Rolex watch is undeniable which any owner will attest to. One can never go wrong with a Rolex purchase, both new and second hand Rolex watches.


Aside from the ever-popular Rolex, there are a few other notable brands to consider for first time buyers. If you’re looking to take your watch game to the next level, then a Patek Philippe watch could be for you. The need to be flashy is not necessary when you have the best in craftsmanship, heritage, and design on your wrist. A Patek Philippe will show you are a connoisseur of time and not just a status chaser. For the prestige, another one you cannot go wrong with is a Cartier watch. These boldly elegant pieces were designed for royalty, which is the feeling their owners get with every wear.

Luxury watch options for first time buyers
Luxury watch options for first time buyers

Entering the world of high-end wristwatches can be intimidating but we all have to start somewhere. Even celebrities, who have the means to purchase luxury watches on a whim, go through a similar learning curve. A good example of this would be NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. He was gifted a brand-new A. Lange & Söhne luxury watch on the night he was drafted into the league. At the time, he thought nothing of it, and gave it to his younger brother. Years later, Carmelo corrected his mistake after he learned about the significance and craftsmanship of the watch and the value it added to his persona. This was how he was introduced into the luxury watch world and how he decided to get involved in the arena of watch buying. He now has his own extravagant collection that includes pieces from big Swiss luxury brands such as Hublot, Patek Philippe and Rolex.


The truth is there is no better place to buy high-end watches and jewelry than Miami, Florida. The best experience a first time watch buyer can have is letting the sun shine down on their new or pre-owned watch and observing it glisten. If you’re feeling unsteady about which timepiece is right for you or if you already have your mind set on the perfect watch, please visit Gray & Sons and let our experienced team help you with your decision. Our certified authentic pre-owned luxury watch and high-end jewelry showroom is located in beautiful Surfside, Florida, right across the famous Bal Harbor Shops.

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