The Legendary Grande Baroque Sterling Silver Flatware Set

ARTICLE DATE 09/08/2014

Since 1835, Wallace Silversmiths has led the industry with innovation and quality. Currently a subsidiary of Syratech Corporation, Wallace offers a complete selection of sterling patterns to suit every taste. From simple Colonial, to graceful Victorian and lavish Baroque designs, there’s something for everyone–even the contemporary. Wallace Silversmiths also offers a wide selection of sterling and silverplated hollowware, giftware and accessories.

Created in 1941, Grande Baroque is one of the oldest and most glorious sterling patterns of all time. The animated design calls upon classic symbols of the Renaissance: the pillar and the curved acanthus leaf. The shimmering beauty of this pattern is apparent from many perspectives–front, back or profile. Grande Baroqueis a genuine work of art to be handed down from generation to generation.

Grande Baroque was designed by William S. Warren , – in his words – “To reflect the very essence of merriment and adventure, of artistic progress.”

William S. Warren spent four years developing this pattern.

The Grande Baroque pattern was part four, of a six part pattern release,released from 1934–1950, by Wallace Silversmiths, called the “Third Dimension Beauty collection” all of them designed by William S. Warren. These patterns are called “three Dimension” because the design of these patterns, are apparent from the front, back, or profile.

Grand Baroque also was one of the five patterns, profiled in the book “Wallace Beauty Moods in Silver” written by William S. Warren in 1947, to discuss five of the six “Three Dimension” designs.

The design crowned by the acanthus leaf (acanthus leaf), includes classic symbols of the Renaissance period, five petaled flowers on the spoons, a narcissus on the forks, and a rose on the knives.