Orbita watch winders is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury watch winders. Their reputation and the enormous following by the broad watchwinder’s enthusiasts around the world could not stay unnoticed by the founder of Gray and Sons Jewelers who early on became a Dealer of Orbita watch winders

Gray and Sons Jewelers which is a global destination for buying, selling, trading, consignment, restoration and repair of pre- owned fine watches compliments their offering of fine luxury watches with a broad selection of Orbita watch winders to help their customers keep their valuable watch collections in perfect running condition. Using high quality Orbita watch winders extends longevity of the watch and minimizes maintenance requirements and ultimately keeps Gray and Sons’ customers happy. 

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The wide selection of Orbita winders includes following collections: 

About Orbita Watch Winders 

Orbita Watch Winders was launched in 1966 when the corporation became the first time a single device was patented by Orbita’s founder, Charles Aganoff to be able to keep clocks properly tuned while unused. Since the beginning of the company watches have developed more complications which is the heart of the reason they are still in business. Thus, they have developed a goal to develop devices that keep watches moving safely and reliably and to ensure that they keep time all the time. Orbita has combined the best Italian materials with highly precise technology. The excellent craftsmanship produces winders that look as if they are art pieces while remaining the leader of the international market for the production and sale of premium watch winders. 

Mechanical wristwatches use spring drives because of their driving force and should be hand wound every two or three days to ensure they are continuously running as designed. An advanced feature of mechanical wristwatches is the mechanical automatic clock that uses a built-in rotating pendulum mechanism to roll the spring. The rotating movement that is generated is the user’s random movement of their wrist when they perform their daily activities. In general, the rotating pendulum mechanism rotates through a 30 to 60 degree movement as the user of the watch walks, runs or swings his or her arms. 

So long as the timepiece is being used the mainspring remains rolled and the clock functions as designed continuously. The mainspring is the component that is responsible for storing enough energy to power the watch and maintain perfect time. 

There are some automatic watches do not only keep time, but also provide complexities such as the day and the date, or in automatic watches one can find more sophisticated complexities showing the month, year, leap year, moonphase, time of tide, time elapsed, time zones around the world, etc. Generally, these additional complexities are called complications. Each complication also consumes some of the energy stored by the spring, reducing the operating time between windings. However, when not used, after approximately forty-eight hours, the mainspring is completely unrolled and the clock stops. 

A watch winder is a powered device that is designed to keep an automatic watch fully rolled, eliminating the need to rewind and manually restart these watches. Generally, it uses an electric motor to drive gearboxes with one or more spindles ending in a clock assembly arrangement of some kind in the form of a “C” on which the clock is set on a latex cushion or some type of screw or spring tensioner to hold the clock. When mounted, the clock rotates in one direction or another with the axis of rotation being more or less the centerline of the clock. Therefore, the clock rotates on the same plane as the hands of the clocks do. 

Ultimately, not all watch winders are the same because the continuous rotation of an automatic watch increases the wear on the components of the winding mechanism. The movement of the user’s wrist when walking or working is usually only intermittent and it is important to use Orbita watch winders to properly replicate the human movement. 

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