How To Measure Your Necklace Length Before Ordering

ARTICLE DATE 02/15/2024

Selecting the perfect necklace online can feel like a gamble when it comes to finding the right fit. Imagine the excitement of finding that perfect pendant or chain, ordering it, and then discovering that it hangs too high or too low on your chest. The hassle of returning the necklace for a different length can be both time-consuming and disappointing.

How to Measure Your Necklace Length Before Ordering
A necklace that drapes perfectly can accentuate your outfit and complement your frame. A chain that’s too short might not sit as intended with certain necklines or may feel constricting, while one that's too long could get lost beneath clothing or fail to add the desired emphasis to your look.

Avoiding the return process for a necklace that doesn’t fall right is simple: measure your preferred chain length before you place your order. This ensures that when your new accessory arrives, it’s exactly as you envisioned—ready to wear and perfectly suited to your style.

G&S Jewelers understands the importance of a well-fitting necklace, which is why we provide a comprehensive guide to help you find your ideal necklace length. Here's how you can measure your necklace length accurately using our guide:

  1. Printing the Guide: The first step is to print out our necklace length guide, making sure to select the "Print to Size" option. This ensures that the measurements on the guide will match up with actual chain lengths.
  2. Using the Hanging Length Chart: Place the short side of the printed guide against the base of your neck, just as illustrated in the image. The curved lines indicate where the different chain lengths will hang on your chest. Choose the line that represents where you’d like your necklace to sit.
  3. Measuring Neck Width: If you have a wider neck, you might need to add length to the chain. To determine this, use the long side of the guide to measure the width of your neck from the base and find the corresponding increment to add.
  4. Determining Your Ideal Length: Combine the base chain length with the additional increment based on your neck width. For example, if you choose an 18” length and your neck width calls for an additional 1.5”, your ideal chain length would be 19.5”.

With G&S Jewelers' guide, you can confidently order necklaces that will fit just right, eliminating the need for returns or adjustments. Enjoy the convenience of shopping for beautiful jewelry online, knowing that it will look and feel perfect from the moment you put it on.

Click here to access our “Measuring the Perfect Necklace Length” guide!