Buying an Omega watch means you’ve bought watches that have traversed farther than most people have. You believe in the scientific means that inspired the necessity of these watches, from space to the ocean. When you buy a Planet Ocean Omega Seamaster, it means you want water resistance in your life and a watch that will last for ages. 

The James Bond Watch

The Omega Seamaster has quite a cinematic history after the company introduced the Seamaster line in 1948. Pierce Brosnan wore it in the James Bond film Goldeneye. While Sean Connery’s Bond wore a Rolex, the costume designers wanted a model that would bring out Brosnan’s eyes 

We consider the Omega Seamaster a literal dive watch, while also a delightful dress accessory for special occasions. You can take it to fathoms as deep as 300 meters and not lose any seconds, while scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Or you can adorn with your suit for black or white tie, and look snazzy. People will see the watch and perceive you as a sophisticated gentleman. It never hurts to rock that look, while being prepared for a dive into the deep. 

The design for most Seamaster watches has no changed over the years. We can assert the reason is that Omega designed the first serious watch for divers in the 1900s and kept tinkering with the most practical and beautiful model. Engineers believe in not meddling too much with perfection. Even so, you can get variations on the basic science fiction spy watch theme. Or you can imagine yourself as the next diver that wants to explore the ocean’s seemingly bottomless depths. 

Our Planet Ocean Omega Seamaster Buying Guide

orange omega seamaster planet ocean
Orange Seamaster Planet Ocean

The Planet Ocean edition is meant to pay homage to the great seas, where all life historically began. Omega released the collection in 2005, combining several hundred years of experience with a commitment to honor our most unknown world wonder. 

If you are someone that enjoys swimming, deep diving or snorkeling, get this watch for your next vacation! The watch will glow blue light thanks to a Super-LumiNova coat, even in the darkest of sea trenches. You just need to keep an eye on your oxygen tank, and pressure gauges. The Seamaster will account for darkness in the ocean, so you won’t have to shine a light on it. 

Planet Ocean Seamaster models come in the following sizes: 39.5, 43.5, and 45.5 mm, the latter of which also comes as a chronograph. You can get them in stainless steel or gold, depending on which color palette you prefer. Enjoy ceramic dials, which are either gilded in gold or Liquidmetal. Revel in the Arabic numerals. Rubber covers the ceramic, making it waterproof and antibacterial. You won’t get sea lice from wearing this watch.

The original Planet Ocean gleams a bright orange. Even with this palette, you can get various straps, bracelets, and dials to display a unique watch. The orange matches the colors of life vests, which people going on the water wear for safety purposes. You don’t need to sacrifice safety for basic elegance. 

Later editions of the Seamaster, called the master chronometers, also come in blue, silver and black. You have more choices for how you want your watch to look under the ocean. That way when you come back from a dive, you can still wear the Seamaster to your next function on land and talk about the creatures that you’ve seen. 

omega seamaster planet ocean
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

If you want to go really dark, the Deep Black will be the one for you. The four Deep Black models measure at 600 mm. These watches come in red, blue, orange, gold, and black, with polished ceramic dials and a matte effect that will make the dials more visible beneath the surface. Red and blue are meant to signify when colors disappear, and you can take this watch to depths of 600 meters.  

If you prefer being like Daniel Craig, we can recommend which mechanical model he wore: the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial chronometer. It can resist 15,000 gausses worth of magnetic fields. Enjoy a black rubber and a ceramic bezel. The chronometer self-winds, and has a power reserve of 60 hours. 

Alternatives To Seamaster Planet Ocean Glory

What about if you don’t want solely the Planet Ocean line? Omega Seamaster has multiple options if you want to expand your wardrobe, and show the world how much you love diving or the style of watches. Gray & Sons believes that a person can never have too many automatic or mechanical watches. We have our recommendations if you want to add to your spy work gadgetry, especially with the Omega Seamaster 300. 

Pierce Brosnan wore the Diver 300M Co-Axial 42mm in Goldeneye. Brandish stainless steel and blue ceramic, which makes for a neutral but brave palette. Enjoy the rhodium-plated hands, and the 8800 chronometer model. You can wear it and feel like a secret agent as well. Whether you’re sipping a martini at a cocktail party, or taking a leisurely swim, always look dapper when checking the time.  

In addition to dive watches, the Seamaster includes the splash-proof dress watches from 1948. They recently brought two back that are meant to emulate the classic models, with stainless steel. You can take them for dives up to 60 meters if you would like, and enjoy the opaline silver dials.  

Find More Limited Editions at Gray & Sons

At Gray & Sons, we take pride in buying and reselling vintage watches. Our in-house watchmakers will verify every piece as authentic, and we offer 12-month warranty policies. We will also repair your pieces so that you can channel Daniel Craig’s Bond every time. If you want a different Bond, our watches can make you feel like Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan.

Get your quote on one of our watches today, or contact us to make an offer. We can’t deliver a typical Bond villain, but we can make you feel like a debonair secret agent on a mission to save the world.