Rolex Band Repair and Rebuild

Rolex Band Repair and Rebuild – You Won’t Need A Replacement Band Once You See This!

Is your Rolex bracelet stretched out, worn down, and otherwise not in tip-top shape? Don’t buy a replacement band just yet! Repairing and rebuilding your Rolex band may be a very good option for you. Check out our video!

  1. Measure the band to see how far it is from its original state
  2. Repair any links
  3. Replace damaged pins with new ones
  4. Reassemble the entire band
  5. Reassemble the deployment buckle
  6. Polish to the original factory state

Rolex band repair

After all these steps are completed on the restoration process the band is in factory original condition and looks like new. This same restoration can be done on the Day Date President bracelet, the Oyster bracelet or the Jubilee bracelet in 18k gold or two-tone 18k & steel.

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