Rolex: the watchmaker of reference

Ask anybody in any place in the world if they have ever heard of Rolex and the answer will likely be a rotund “yes”. Rolex is an iconic brand that has almost become a “pop icon” thanks to its popularity with artists, actors and other celebrities. Created in 1905 in Switzerland by the watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, the brand got recognition really fast thanks not only to the beauty, elegance and class of its designs but also thanks to the incredible craftmanship, quality and efficiency of its watches; and it remained popular even nowadays. Rolex is a status symbol and as such collectors love it. Their watches also tend not to lose value, making them a great investment.

Rolex blue face: what are they?

If you are a fan of watches you might have heard of the term “blue face”, but you might not know exactly what it is: this is not a model, but a style. This type of watch always has a blue color dial, made out of a special, glossy lacquer and the model that sports this look is usually a Submarines, the favorite watch of divers (as you can plunge and deep dive with it without it getting water damage). The most well known Rolex blue face is the Smurf Submariner, but there are many other models that sport this look. Recently, Rolex hasn’t produced many watches in this finish, which has send collectors and fans of the brand into a frenzy trying to get one (which has only made this type of watch even more rare and difficult to find!)