Rolex Yacht Master (16622) Review

ARTICLE DATE 01/10/2015

The Yacht-Master was not the first of Rolex’s watches to be designed with sea adventurers in mind. However, rather than focusing on the usability of the watch as a tool, as they did with the Submariner, Rolex seems to have set out to create a tool for boating, while focusing on the luxury and aesthetic look of the watch.

When the Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992, it seemed to capitalize on the success of Rolex’s first nautical inspired watch, the Submariner. The original Yacht-Master may have been a redesign of the Submariner, though it looks like early Rolex Daytona models. There were many changes, including the size, which was slightly bigger than the Dayton’s 36mm, at 39.5mm. Other changes included an etched bezel insert that was permanently soldered to the bezel, larger hands and maxi-markers, and smooth, rounded edges.