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Spotting a fake Rolex for sale Fort Myersmight seem an easy task, but in a world full of quality kick-off Rolex watches in the marketing, it is a tricky task. However, there is the fact that only a Rolex can be a Rolex! Here are some of the things you need to look at when you are spotting a fake Rolex :

Second-Hand Ticking:

This is real, or maybe not. The overwhelming range of Rolex watches uses a top-quality mechanical movement that is highly smooth notoriously. Technically, the Rolex models do “tick,” but they do for 4-6 times each second, which forms an illusion that the watches are sliding. But, if you land a Rolex that is ticking each second, then there is a 99% chance that it’s a legit scam. We say 98% as Rolex has made very limited watches with the movements of quartz.


If you are in the market for an original Rolex, weight is one of the major originality’s major paramountities. Rolex utilized a lot of top-quality heavy metals in the manufacture of their timepieces, and even a quality duplicate cannot replicate the telltale solid sense and weight of an original Rolex model.

Serial Numbers:

There is no detail neglected in the development of a Rolex watch from the dial to the serial number’s stamping. An authentic Rolex watch contains very fine and delicate details like diamond-cut edges. Either they characterized a low-quality etching of acid, poor stamp, or do not contain anything of it, and then it’s a total fraud.

The movement:

 Each and every piece of a Rolex watch’s movement will have “Rolex” insulated on it. The inner mechanism of a Rolex is actually a breathtaking scene to behold, so you must be able to navigate clearly if it’s something special or general setup. Moreover, as stated earlier, the majority of Rolex manufacturers contain mechanical movements. Thus, if you see the back and find anything remotely looking like a quartz movement, it’s good to run away immediately.

The face :

The original mechanics of a Rolex watch is comprehensively pristine. So, when inspecting the face, if you find uneven fonts, smudges, and space between words, telltale Rolex crown’s absence, it should deliver some clear red flags. Moreover, Rolex watches are quite famous for their magnifying lenses ahead of their date windows known as “Cyclops.” You will see the cyclops magnifying the date more than twice (3.5 times accurately) on an authentic Rolex watch. If the cyclops, not magnifying anything or date, seems flat, you are most probably dealing with a fraud.

The price

There is one thing that we have learned so far in this field is you get what you have paid for. The used/second-hand Rolex watches are not cost-effective; if they are cheap, you better stay off from this deal.


Every single model and watch of Rolex is manufactured to be waterproof to some extent or another. If you have the opportunity,  dunk the Rolex in a water glass. If it damages, then its clearly a red flag that the person is stupid and fake trying to sell you a fake Rolex. However, if the watch keeps on moving, then it could be original.